Thursday, October 20, 2011

White Paint! Oh My or Oh No!

So...if you have followed by blog at all lately, you know I purchased a can of white spray paint.  It was purchased to spray paint my turkeys for the dining room table...THEN....I said to myself...surely there is SOMETHING else that could use some white paint on it and so the adventure began.  3 days later....I'm not sure about the two things I painted. 

The first thing I painted was this...
Oh yes I did.  I spray painted the gold container white.  I first tried to carefully lift the flower arrangement out of the container without messing it up....ummm no can do.  The green spongy hold your flowers together thingy started coming apart.  So, I crammed it all back in.  I was sweating it a bit.  Yeah...I know.  *sighs*  Then I had a "moment" and realized that all I needed was a plastic bag to wrap around the arrangement itself.  See?

I took it outside and began crazily gently spray painting it.  Now...I'm disturbed by it.  Not happy.  Why white?  Black might have done well....but it's white for now until I think of something else.  Hub says to please leave it alone.  What does he know?  Here's a pic...
Do you need sunglasses? I'm passing around a piece of paper that says...Do you like this?  Circle yes or no.  What can I say?  What can I do?  It's the spray paints fault!!

I'm not going to show you the 2nd thing I did.  I'm sort of okay with it, but I have one more thing to do to it before it's reveal.

Yes....I've put the spray paint away now. 


  1. Hmm, the white does look bright, doesn't it? Great idea to cover the flowers with a plastic bag. Reason #5,729 to save them.

  2.'s white alright...thinking of doing it in another color....any suggestions?