Saturday, October 22, 2011

Paula Deen Commercial

I love me some Paula Deen.  I love watching her cooking shows....she's my kind of gal.'s Saturday morning...I slept until 8:45....I'm usually up by 7:30 at the latest. 

Here's my first mini commercial....

Here's my Paula Deen scales. Red.  Love it!  I put some Indian corn in it..."Tis the Season", ya know.  This little counter cutie was found at Walmart in the clearance aisle for $5.  I had to "dig" to find it, but it was hidden on the back of the shelf so no one but moi would get it.  I first saw this little cutie at my BFF house in her newly remodeled kitchen.  Remember this?

I loved how this popped in this little setting.  She says she's a measuring fool and had promised if I got it I would use it all the time.  I've used it for my Indian corn so far.  Heh. 

A better pic in her kitchen at a distance.  See?  The red just brought out everything in that area.  I'm sorry BFF that I paid ONLY $5 for it and you had to pay the full price!!  She promises it was under $20, so if you're interested in having this piece in your kitchen...go check out Walmart.  I love that they carry her line of products!

Here's the next mini commercial...

This is the most DELICIOUS sauce evah.  I promise.  You have to go buy it.  Sweet Bourbon Glaze.  Write it down now!   I initially purchased this for some hot wings and OMG OMG was so delicious and it was clearly the pick of the night over any other hot wing sauce I offered.  It's addicting.  I've also tried her other sauces and she has not failed me yet.  So...if you need a new twist on a recipe, I highly recommend that you seek out these sauces.   You can also find this line at Walmart.

We've had quite a week here at The Place homestead.  Hannah came down with a stomach virus on Thursday, hub got it on Friday and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  We have to drive to Atlanta tomorrow to pick up my parents.  They have been to Seymour, TN to visit my brother and his family and we'll meet them half way.  I'm praying I don't come down with this virus.  It will be a long day of driving, but I'm happy to be able to see my brother and his family for lunch.

I'm not sure what is going to happen with Hannah's antiquing blog.  As of now, she's fired.  If she decides to do this...I'll happily re-hire her.

I'm loving my schedule.  It rocks.  It's keeping me straight on everything I need to do.   Hannah's school sends me a weekly update on what next weeks assignments will be, tests, you name it...stuff that is happening.  I've added that to my schedule and I'm now printing it off for her.  No excuses.  Here I sit with another Saturday of nothing much to do on my list.  However, since we will be driving all day tomorrow to Atlanta and back....I'm taking on Sundays schedule so I won't fall behind.  Some days I almost don't do what is on the list and I say to myself  I'll catch it up, but with it staring at me on my far, I've done what it says and some days I'll do one extra chore that's on the next days schedule.  I've decided to include in each of my posts, what my cleaning schedule is for the day.  I hope I can remember to do this!    If you'd like to follow along, please do!  You may need to adjust  your schedule, but my house has never been more clean!!  It's keeping me on top of those BIGGIE things we all hate to do. It hasn't really been that big of a deal to follow.  It's not at all overwhelming broken down this way.

Here's a pic from my computer of my cozi schedule.  It's a little blurry, but I can read it.  I hope you can too!

This is Saturday and Sunday's to do list.  I always have listed on Saturdays to clean my master bedroom linens.  I did this last night since Hannah took my bed over with her sickness for 2 days.  I also cleaned one of my refrigerators  yesterday during the kids nap time.  I try to have as little as possible to do on the weekends, but some of the biggie jobs fall on those days.  I have no time during the week to really get those type of jobs done.  I also keep up with Hannah's hair washing!  HA!  She always tries to confuse me of when she actually washed her hair last.  I have that little deal under control with my schedule!!   The biggie for tomorrow was baseboard cleaning.  I have all the rooms to my house on a rotating quarterly schedule.  The bathrooms and dusting can be done on Monday.  I print a weekly schedule and have it posted for everyone to see on the fridge in the kitchen.   I never have more than 2-3 things per day to do.  Laundry goes without's a daily duty and I keep it done daily.

Last night I added next weeks menu along with a shopping list.  I usually shop on the weekend, but I'll wait until Monday to do my grocery shopping for the week.  I love having everything on one schedule in one place.'s cleaning schedule combined with Sundays is as follows:

~Clean laundry room fridge out
~Clean baseboards in the L/room, D/room & hallway
~Laundry (usually 1 load a day keeps me ahead) except on linen days!

I also had dusting the furniture and cleaning both bathrooms on my Sunday list.  I may put this off until Monday.  I clean the bathrooms and dust every other day, so things are pretty well kept right now.


  1. Using Cozi myself now thanks to you!

  2. I love cozi!! So great to hear someone else does!

  3. I hope your patients are better now and that you didn't come down with it. I also hope you've gotten to be with your family. I'm going to check out cozi since you like it so much.