Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Scariest Witch Evah!

Don't you just love her?  No, she is not real.  She looks real doesn't she?  When we first got this witch, Hannah was about her size and everyone thought it was Hannah dressed up.  You can see by the pic date, this was used a while back.  This is the entrance into my daycare.  Not a good idea, right?  Scary witch, meant mortified children.  So...we moved it to the front door. 

She's long gone now, but I wish I had her.  Hub tossed her and did not ask permission.  He said it was just "too much"!  NEVAH!  Can you imagine being THAT dumpster diver?!

Every Halloween my parents come over to participate with the trick or treat celebration in our neighborhood.  We really have a great neighborhood, but I have noticed each year the numbers dwindling.  Hopefully, this year we will have a good turn out.  I told Hannah last year she would not be trick or treating this year and she was okay with it THEN....NOW she is not.  She actually "googled" age limit for trick or treaters and it was up to age 13.  Puhleeze. 

Here's a pic last year...

Her favorite movie...The Wizard of Oz.  Funny thing is she only wanted to watch the "witch" parts when she was younger.  Yeah, I know...I should be scared.  She's a horror flick girl now with no nightmares.  That's a good thing, right? RIGHT?!  Have you noticed my Fall Decor is a bit different this year?  More and More and More added!

Here's some random shots of her in the past on Halloween.....

Here's some of Ryder (my grandson) last year from his first Halloween...

He was just a tad bit excited! 

He'll be back this year to enjoy our neighborhood trick or treating as a Cow.  Oh boy!!  Hannah has chosen to be a witch AGAIN.  We'll have our usual chili to eat and I'm adding to it a wonderful recipe I saw in blog land recently.  I'll be sharing that with you later.  It's a night of fun and laughter with the family and I can't wait to share our fun with you.  I intend on taking lots of pictures this year!

Yummy cupcakes from Halloween's past!  Have an amazing weekend everyone!

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  1. That witch is CREEPY. Maybe you could have prettified her before hubby got rid of her??? We don't get trick or treaters. It's very sad. Last year I went to my granddaughter's and watched her give out the candy. She was so excited to see the big kids.