Friday, September 9, 2011

5th Grader Now

Hannah over the years on her first day of school.....

Even though Hannah picked this outfit out...she would NEVER wear it now!! cute with her little short legs!!  She is sorta looking at me like...seriously, mom?  Gaucho's?!  I even wore them way back when!!

Yep...full of herself here.  This was when she convinced me she wanted to be an edgy dresser.  She said she wanted to be a rock star.  I'll never forget THAT moment. 

1st Grade
This is more her style....but not so much the shoes now.  I still had a say-so back then.

 Prissy Missy
Clearly she is loving this outfit with these boots.  These were the boots she said she would never out grow!

2nd Grade
2nd grade seemed to be where the sassiness started....

3rd grade

Not sure what happened to her 3rd grade pic for 1st day of school.  It must have been a really rushed morning for me to forget a picture!  I did look around and found a pic of her in the 3rd grade.  This is a picture of her with Ryder.  She was an Aunt in the 3rd grade!!  She thought that was the coolest thing ever!

4th grade
Can we say purple animal print and netting on the dress?  Sighs.  Sometimes you just have to let go.

 It's all about the boots baby.
5th Grade (this year)

Shopping is now a nightmare with her.  She certainly has her own style.  Middle School this year and so many rules about clothes.  Shorts and skirts have to be 2 inches above her knee.  She was not a happy camper this year.

Here's she is holding her new niece, Sophia.
She went into 5th grade this year with a nephew and a niece!  How cool is that for her??

Time certainly has flown by.  With being older parents, we have been so lucky to have her as a part of our lives.  This should have been our empty nesting time.  She keeps us plenty busy for sure.  There is never a dull moment.  I try to keep an open mind, since we are older parents.  Most of her friends parents are in there 30's...while here we sit in our 50's.  She's already an Aunt for goodness sakes!!   I can honestly say...she's our coffee drinking buddy at night.  She had rather be with us than anywhere else.  I can remember standing in our dining room on her first day of a 3 year old program where she was crying uncontrollably that she did not want to leave her home.  My son was at home at this time and I can see him now throwing his hands up in the air and saying he just couldn't take it!!  She has proven this time and time again that she truly loves to be home with us.  She wants to know what we are going to do if she decides to go off with anyone.  I can say being an older parent we are not as "stressed" as we seemed to be back then with our other two children.  They say she's the brat and clearly she is.  She's like the only child all over again.  I would have to say the only thing that I really hate is her homework!!  Thank goodness she is very bright and we really don't have much to do with that.  I can't remember all of that stuff!!!  She's an avid reader and she's my thrifting sidekick.  She has a very old soul and loves to have old things.  Right now she is treasuring some old letters she found at a thrift store.   Thing is...old stuff to her is like 70's stuff.  Ahem.  70's was not that long ago, right?!!  (sighs)

Anyway...I thought I'd share a little bit about Hannah growing up over the years.  School began here the second week of August, so she's already a good month in.  As I laid in bed with her the other night and read to felt good.  Those days will be gone before we know it.  I can remember when she was 4 reading chapter books to her.  She would lay there and listen as long as you would read.  Good times for sure.

Tomorrow I'm off on my little adventure for a girls day out.  I'm so ready!  

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