Friday, September 2, 2011

A Little Bit of This and That

Remember in the prior post about Hannah's bathroom makeover?  I told you I had added a couple of nice finds to finish off the decor.   Here we go....

Hannah found this at Hobby Lobby.  Could you just move in that store or what?!  I was trying to pull a pink color in there and I suggested several other things to take the place of this, but she's a bit headstrong and afterall it's HER bathroom.  She likes that French feel.  It turned out to be perfect.  What do I know??
I had the next find at Goodwill of course.  This was just perfect for her over the toilet shelving unit and Hannah had to admit that I finally got something right for her bathroom.
How perfect was this find??  It's black and white....I couldn't decide what to put in these containers....but eventually I added a towel and hand towel.  Hannah was happy...I was happy.
We finished up with this mirrored wall sconce on a very small side wall in her bathroom.  She hasn't lit the candles yet....and I don't want them lit, but she'll never know that.  We'll just keep that little tidbit of information between you and me.

While we were in Hobby Lobby...I only needed like a zillion dollars to get everything I loved in there.  But...being a good girl, plus we were really on a  back to school CLOTHES shopping trip for Hannah...I found one thing I couldn't live without.  Yes, I do know that Hobby Lobby does not have a clothing line...we were there was sort of near the clothing store we were headed to...ahem.
What kitchen doesn't need this?  I loved it immediately.  They had aisle after aisle of home decor marked down 50% and less.  Was I dreaming or what?  I did not realize the deals that were to be found in Hobby Lobby!  I want to live there.

The last thing I want to share with you is a beautiful round rug I found at Goodwill sometime ago.  There it was.  All rolled up in the back of the store with no price on it.  I figured...$20 and I usually price things low.  I asked a sales clerk to help me out with pricing and I got it for $4.99.  I tried not to jump up and down in front of her and keep my cool...ya know...cause I'm just cool like that...but my insides were dancing around and I was very happy with my find.  It never hurts to ask, right?!  I had to get out of there fast before someone realized what she had priced this at!
Nice, huh??  We cleaned it.  It didn't need cleaning...but it did you know?  It matched everything perfectly in my formal living room.  Just the thing I needed to sort of break up that space between the two tables.  It sort of gave that space some character.

I also snagged up this cute little arrangement at Goodwill.  Perfect place for that tiny spot that needed that little something to cozy up the room.  I did have a vase in that space...but the floral arrangement was really what was meant to be there.

Another find.  The tags were still on this insulated bag.  It had never been used.  It works out great for trips to carry canned drinks and snacks in.  We had a small ice chest...but this was just so much easier and had a lot more functions for snacks than a cooler did.  Easy access in the car while driving.  Cha-Ching!  Deal!

So there you have some tidbits.  A few finds and some added decor to Hannah's bathroom.  I've really been telling hub about the desk makeover.  He just gives me that blank stare.  I found a $3 off Glidden paint coupon...guess what?  I'm so using it this weekend!!  We have a long 3 day weekend ahead of us and hopefully if everything goes as planned, my table makeover will hit the blog next week.  I can't wait to show you!!  Plus...I'm in search of that chair for the desk now....which reminds me....I'm having some Goodwill itches and since I'm actually LOOKING for something I NEED...I might have to check it out tomorrow.  Fridays are restocking day and surely there's a chair on that load?

I can't wait to share with you tomorrow what my finds are at Goodwill for the outdoors.  You'll be surprised what you can do with some indoor stuff...outdoors! 

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  1. Looks like you snagged some very nice things! Yes, I luv Hobby Lobby!

    Thank you for sharing and linking to Potpourri Friday!