Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Mantle-Final Tweak!

I finished the mantle decor for Fall.  There's absolutely nothing else that can go on that mantle.  I added white lights and it just feels like the holidays now!  I always have lights during Christmas and to add them for the Fall Decor just made it seem more like the holiday time.

The pics aren't that great.  But...they'll have to do.  The lights on the mantle just would not cooperate!

The closer Thanksgiving gets here the more excited I get.  My 79 year old Mother has always had an awesome Thanksgiving dinner for the family.  I've hosted Thanksgiving dinner here for the last several years.  The dinner is just to much for her to do now, even though she brings half her kitchen with her when she comes and I'm instructed not to mix the cornbread dressing until she gets here.  It's hard to believe that it will soon be time to begin planning the dinner.  My brother and his family always come on Thanksgiving and I'm looking forward to having some time with them.   I've still got mums to buy for the front porch, but I'm pretty much done with the Fall decor inside.   The bloggers are inspiring me to get with the program about my front porch decor.   The mornings here in Georgia have been very Fallish...the afternoons, not so much.  We'll take what we can get down here!  I'm very ready for jackets and socks for sure!

I can't wait to share some more Goodwill finds with you.  I'm very attached to my cozi.com schedule.  I tried a recipe for ranch burgers last night off of their menu planner.  Ummm?   Did I like it?  Not so much.  It was different for sure.  I have 4 burgers leftover.  I think I'll stuff a couple of bell peppers for lunch with what is left of the meat.  I wonder how that's gonna taste?!  Tonight we're having Chicken Marbella.  I'm excited to try this new recipe, the ingredients sound delicious!  This week is a week of trying different things....we'll see how my taste testers feel tonight!

Now let me go check my cleaning schedule......yeah, I have no life pretty much!  ;)

P.S.  Thanks for the ones that jumped on board and joined my site.  It warms my heart!!!  I know it's a hassle, but please take the time to join!

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  1. I really like the lights on your mantel. I think lights make everything look more festive. I actually have some orange rope lights on my banister year round. I haven't turned them on in awhile - maybe I'll do that tonight.