Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Day After.....

The Mall.  We walked. We shopped. We giggled.  We ate.  We ate again.  We tried stuff on.  We had bathroom trips.  We had decisions to make.  Sunglasses, rings and bracelets OH MY!  I don't think hub and I got a word in on the entire trip to Tallahassee yesterday or back for that matter!  Three girls in the car....even I was out numbered.  We first stopped at CiCi's Pizza for some lunch.  You would think a buffet full of pizza would have their ultimate attention...ummmm no.  The game room was like a magnetic force bringing all 3 girls and their quarters in.  After we finally convinced them to GET. IN. LINE. for the was all about decisions.  I have never seen so many flavors of pizza and it was up to me to explain to the girls what each pizza actually had on it.  They grabbed their pizza....took over a booth and before I took 2 bites they were back in the game room.  There was some serious pizza eating going on.

Here's what their quarters bought....

Nice, huh?  They called them their "dentures".  They convinced each other they would absolutely wear these inside the Mall.  Don't worry....they changed their minds.  Once we got to the Mall...the most important thing to do was ride the escalator while one screamed she was scared of heights but the glass panels on the escalator made things better.  Thank goodness we didn't have a jumper.

Once was get your jewelry know with these girls...there was nothing else to look at...just jewelry.  They all needed it...wanted it....had to have it.  I had to step up to parenthood and let them know that their parents would not allow feather earrings down to your shoulders....and this 10 inch wide bracelet was not appropriate for younger girls.  They just moved on to other things.  It didn't seem to bother them that they couldn't spend their money on hoochie jewelry!  I think all of us moms had already instilled in them what no-no jewelry is!  It was my first test!  Darn...I'm a mom too!

Once the sunglasses and jewelry were purchased...they moved on to more sillier things.  Who knew the Mall had such awesome hats to try?!

After flying through all the stores....the Mall fountain was begging for their money.  There were wishes to be made for sure!!
I hope all their wishes come true!!!

On the ride home we were CONSTANTLY serenaded with songs.  I'll have to say these 3 girls sound pretty good together! wasn't so bad.  There was nothing to do but have a video performance once we got to our house.


This video was an actual song they all "sorta" knew!

and the day was done.  Whew!

Did we make it to Hobby Lobby?  OH YES WE DID!  I love that most things in there are over 50% off!!

I was able to find just what I needed for the laundry room makeover and I made an awesome arrangement...can't wait to show you!

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