Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Blue Chair

Yesterday while browsing through our Goodwill, I saw this picture that had caught my eye a couple of weeks ago.  I couldn't justify buying it, where would it go?  I did the usual I love it, but I really don't need it and left.  As soon as you walk into the Goodwill here, they had it up on a high shelf so it would stare right at you when you opened their front door.  Now I've been to Goodwill several times since first seeing it and it caught my eye every single time.  I loved it.  It was calling my name.  I had convinced myself that I didn't need it.  When it caught hub's eye he said it was a really nice picture.  Yesterday he helped me get it.  Not that it was that expensive, but I try to stay on a pretty tight budget here and Goodwilling is my vent of being on a tight budget.  It was marked $40.  I just couldn't justify it.  So...hub tells me to ask if they'll mark it down.  I know...we're so cheap, right?!  *winks*  So, they called the manager over the I laid on the floor with embarrassment...I mean seriously, who begs for a discount in Goodwill?  Ummmm...we do?  She came and said she couldn't mark it down and I gave her this look...

It worked!!  She came down $10.  Which made this amazing picture not $40, but $30.  I's not a lot of money...but $10 is $10, right?!  So hub pitched in half and I paid half and look what I got!!

My oh my!!  I was excited!  I love this blue chair.  As the manager was taking it down from the shelf for us, she flipped it over and said you might want to check this out.  On the back it showed where this had been sold at a fund raising auction.  The auction company handling the fundraiser was from Pennsylvania.  On the back it read, The Blue Chair, Artist, Ned Young and stated it was a signed lithograph.  Exciting, huh?  So, we brought it home and started google searching this print and I found on line this print framed for $189.00.  *faints*  Since this is a "signed" lithograph, I'm thinking that the value could be more.  We made a good choice.

Here's a few more pics of it...

Check out that frame!  Beautiful knotted pine! 

Here's an up close shot of the blue chair.  The white marks showing on this pic are flickers of light.  There is not a scratch on it.

I had no problem finding a place for this.  It matched the chest perfectly.  I moved a few pictures around in the family room and it's a done deal.

You never know what Goodwill has sitting on it's shelf!! I can't wait to show you my Pier One find!  Next post!

Hannah blegged out on me yesterday with her treasure post.  Too tired perhaps?  Ahem.  She said she would "try" to do one NEXT Saturday.  I'm so firing her if she doesn't.  GIRLS!!  Geesh.

I wanted to tell you that I'm still loving the site.  They really should hire me.  I love that site.  It is keeping me in order with all my household cleaning.  I had another Saturday of waking up to a clean house.  The only job I have to do on that day is changing the linens in the master bedroom.  My menu and grocery shopping is all done through Cozi.  I also keep up with all of Hannah's school functions and homework assignements!  I know what homework is due every week.  Her school emails me this every week! Nice, huh?

Update on the Lemony Soup recipe...hated it.  Hub loved it.  I hated it.  It tasted okay, but I'm just not use to a plain, blah, rice soup I guess.  That's what it tasted like to me.  I do have a new recipe for Slow Cooker corn chowder that I'm serving up on Monday night.  If it passes my taste test, I'll share the recipe.

We still have not painted.  My goal is to have this done before Thanksgiving.  That gives me a few weeks to procrastinate over it.  I've already asked my son would he be interested in painting it...he quickly said no.  I should have really guilt tripped him up with..."thanks, since I labored for days to have you, rode in an ambulance and had so much drama, I guess I don't DESERVE for you to paint this room for me"...but, I didn't.  He's a busy guy, so I'll leave him alone THIS time.\

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  1. Awww...that is so cute. Thanks so much for sharing with the newbie party.

  2. Love the picture! What a great deal. New follower,Hope you will follow back.

  3. Great picture at a great cost!!! You really lucked out with this purchase and it looks fab in it's new home :D

  4. Phew! I was afraid you were buying the picture of the kitty with the big eyes! While he is cute, I didn't think he was worth $30. But when I saw the picture of that chair - oh, my. It is beautiful.

  5. What a wonderful find. You were so blessed in finding it, or I should say in coveting it, LOL Well, your perseverence paid off and it certainly is a very beautiful piece of art. Congratulations. I'm a new follower visiting from Debbie's Newbie Party and I hope to visit again soon. Please follow me also. Hugs, Chris

  6. That's a super awesome find! Isn't it great to discover such little treasures?

    I found this post through Debbiedoo's Newbie Party.

  7. Thanks Yadira for stopping by!!

  8. WWhat a great find! It's amazing what you can find at thrift stores! I would love for you to link up Thursday (actually it starts tonight) to It’s a Party!

  9. What an awesome treasure!! Loving the colors in it! Thanx for coming over to party and have a fabulous weekend!

  10. Sounds like this was just meant to be yours. I have always liked pictures of chairs. So glad this worked out and you shared it on Motivated Monday at BeColorful

  11. What a lovely find! I'm so glad you were able to get it at a more affordable price too!

    Thanks so much for linking up to Knick of Time Tuesday!

    Angie @ Knick of Time Interiors