Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Decor Outside.....

Project not completed.  I've been so worried about decorating the inside...I've neglected the outside.  There's plenty that needs to be done and according to blog world...I'm way behind.  I've seen many beautiful pics of bloggers Fall decor for their front entrances.  I'm getting inspired now.

Here's some pics of what I did last year and I didn't retake pics, because this is as good as it gets on my porch right now.  Same stuff....just not as elaborate as it could be.  This is what I hang on my front entrance door.  I made it!  Who knew I was so creative?  Not really....I think I got this idea last year from another blogger.  The green basket was a Goodwill find.  I purchased all the flowers from Dollar Tree and found this ribbon at Walmart.  It was a very easy DIY project and it's held up well.  The Fall colors sorta pop off that green door, huh?

The pumpkins on the table I found at Micheal's last year.  I spray painted them orange and it made a nice Fall setting on the porch.  I've since moved the flower arrangement to another table on the porch and added a lamp.  I'll be taking pics soon to show you the updated version once I finish my porch with some mums.

This is what I've got done so far....not much...very little effort and compared to some of the Fall porches in blog world...I've got to step it up!!  I'll be searching for mums this weekend.  I have several containers on my porch that are empty right now.  Some color would certainly help the entrance to our home.  I know...I'm on it! K?!

Update on my cozi cleaning schedule.  LOVING IT!  My house has never really been out of order.  My mom blessed me with her obsession of cleaning and the older I get the worse it gets.  My mom RAKES her carpet so it will stand up and be perfect.  I haven't started raking my carpet YET, but if I ever start that process please someone have me committed!  Anyhoo...the schedule...I designed it to free me up from an all day cleaning frenzy which normally occurs on the weekends.  I want to take back my weekends.  I've been doing 1-2 jobs per day and it's so nice knowing that my weekend is coming up with a clean house.  No laboring all day!! 

Today's cleaning is:
~Mop all floors
~Clean all pictures in the family room and kitchen
~Clean Bathrooms

Easy?  By the time the weekend arrives...all household chores DONE!  Can we say?  Enjoy your weekends now?!

Also...the cozi meal planner.  I'm using one of cozi's recipes every day this week.  I told you that the ranch burgers were okay...just okay.  But...I put a spin on the leftovers of the burgers and made stuffed bell peppers.  Seriously good...hub said it was the best he had ever had. 

Tuesday night we had Chicken Marbella.  A wonderful meal.  Everyone loved it and it was an easy meal to prepare.  Here's the link for you to try!

Last night's meal was Ranch Beef and Noodle skillet.  A real favorite!  We all over ate last night.  It was delicious!  Another link to give it a try!!

Tonight we are having Panko Crusted Chicken Tenders.  I'm already liking this meal.  It's very easy.  I'm plating this up with some pasta with asiago sauce.  Without a doubt, I know the family will love this!  Here's the link! there's 3 meals that I can tell you that our family enjoyed!!  If you're like me and looking for something "different" to cook.  Cozi seems to have plenty of easy recipes for your family.

I really appreciate your comments.  I get so excited when someone actually types something in the comment section!  Also...please join my site....that's a thrill as well.  I know...don't even say it!   It only takes a few seconds to join and I love that someone is reading about my craziness!! 


  1. Love your porch so far. Those big rockers just look so comfy! I am a new follower from the Patterns of Life Hop. Vicky from

  2. Hi Vicki! Thanks for stopping by! I'm headed to check your site out now!