Sunday, October 9, 2011

Unmentionables in the Bathroom

I saw a post about how to eliminate those times in the bathroom...."unmentionables" from another blogger and for the life of me I can't find the post of it or who did it.  I'll search high and low and if I find it, I'll add a link to their site.  It was such a cute post, I couldn't resist!

This was a 3 minute DIY project.  It cost me $2 to do it and I loved the idea.  I've always known that matches would take the smell (ahem, told ya) out of a bathroom.  I visited a home once that had a pack of matches on the back of the commode and that particular night I was happy to see it.  I have one of those stomachs, if you know what I mean.'s a simple DIY project that your guests (if they're like me) will love to see in your bathroom.  A box of matches displayed is okay....but this is a much better idea!  Afterall, bloggers are mostly about decorating and being crafty, right?!  Someone had to think this one up!

This is what I did.  I went to Dollar Tree and found the cutest votive glass and a box of matches.  You cut the striking strip off the box of matches and tape it on the votive.  I taped it on the bottom, (update! I moved it to the back of the votive) so it wouldn't be seen.  I hope my guests will turn the votive over and see the striking strip!  Then it needed to me a decorative touch.  I took this DIY project a step further.  I needed some sort of ribbon...but I wasn't at Walmart to buy it that very minute...sighs...I'm very inpatient!  So...I started searching through the ribbon I had...nothing I tell you would match....then I saw a gift bag with a black, fairly thick string, removed it and tied it around the votive.  That was getting better, but still not enough for me.  Then I thought of some scrapbooking paper that my daughter had been working with the night before and she was trashing what was left of this beautiful black & white sheet.  I cut a section off and taped it to the votive under the string.  PERFECTION!

Here's the pictures!

There you have it.  A beautiful votive that if I say so myself matches this bathroom perfectly! 

Enough toilet talk!  Go make one!  You know you wanna!

Found the site that I orginally got this idea from!  Check it out!


  1. This is such a funny post. Our family has known about the matches trick forever. I saw the original post, but I never thought of making that for the bathroom.

  2. I knew about the matches too...but never would actually put a box on display in the bathroom...this made it much easier. I can't wait until certain family members come over and see this!

  3. Wow I've never heard of the matches trick! Do you need to light them?

  4. Brandi...yes! Thanks for stopping by!!