Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Will Survive!!!

I part-time love my yard.  PART-TIME.  It used to be a full time thing for me, but the older I get and the hotter it is outside....frankly, I could care less.  Outside is hubs job.  He obviously doesn't care.  If it were not for my nagging, he would not care about it one bit.  I came from a home that was perfect inside and out.  My parents are 79 & 80 and both are still spotless.  I don't know how they do it.  If a pine cone starts to fall at my parents house, the joke is that my mom or dad is catching it.  They do have a beautiful yard.'s so-so.  I can see so many things that I could do....edging the yard for one....more flowers? I could actually clean out my 3 bird baths every now and then....and more of a lot of things.  But, I've been keeping it simple lately.  Spring is the time that I go nuts and buy flowers, ferns and have a patio that I enjoy.  Late Summer, you will see my flowers slowly dying....I won't even look out there.  It's so hot and humid no one can stand it.  Usually when it starts cooling off a bit, I will go and do a weed out and clean out the dead flowers.  That has been done.  Hub obviously doesn't think so.  I can now sit outside and not cringe.  A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a few up in places that I've never planted and WITHOUT any water from me.

Take a peek!

All of these are volunteering from what was in my containers.  It sorta perked things up around the patio.  No thanks to me!  I started an herb kitchen garden this Spring.  I still have rosemary and chives left.  The two hardest things to kill!  I lost my thyme right away and then the basil just took over and I guess I cut it back way to much. I'm really not sure what happened to the oregano, but all of those are goners.  Hannah loves banana peppers, so I decided to add that in the mix and trust me, you can't kill it. 

Here's a recent picture!

See the rosemary in the left hand corner....I use it all the time!!!  I'm a huge fan of spices.  See?

Remember this thrift store find.  I use it all the time.  It spins around and has as many spices on the other side!
If it's not on this's in the cabinet right above it! gardening is closed down until the Spring.  Some things grow regardless!!!  How does your garden grow?


  1. My garden was less than wonderful this year. Too much rain I think. I agree with you...the older I get the harder it is to make myself work outside. You visited my blog a while ago and I'm finally catching up. I'm glad I stopped by. I'm a new follower.

  2. I still have 3 tiny tomatoes on my tomato plant. That's they extent of my gardening. I'd rather work in the yard any time than be inside. Hubby not so much. Therefore, I'm always torn between dirt inside and dirt outside. Or leaves, as it is now.