Monday, October 17, 2011

Gobble! Gobble!!

I was browsing down the aisles of Goodwill and what did I see??  Two turkey candle holders.  I turned them over to check the price.  What did it say?  $2.99.  Plus, their was a sticker on the bottom that said "Pier One".  They would be perfect for my dining room table and I would certainly light the candles during our Thanksgiving dinner.  Cha-Ching in the cart they went.  They were a clay pottery color.  I actually liked the color, but I knew I would be painting them soon.

So....I failed to take before pictures, because I had a can of spray paint in my hand and there was no time to stop and go back inside for a camera.  Okay.  I was lazy.  We had been at a kiddie birthday party out of town most of the day and I was dreaming of spray painting those turkeys All. Day. Long.'s the end result.... what to do with that can of spray paint!!!!  There's so much spray painting to be done....

*skips off*

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  1. Love them. You have a great "bang for your buck" find. Had to laugh about all you could think is I have spray painting to do. So understand.

  2. Heh! Vewey Funny! ;) I'm still spray painting!

  3. I really like the turkey candle holders. I have a small collection - and I'm trying to keep it small. But I would have bought those in a flash.

  4. Your turkey candle holders are so cute! You gotta love spray paint!

  5. Mtashie, this was a great idea! They look so modern and fresh in white! You know I love a great deal and these were a great find!! Very cute!

  6. Cute candle holders and perfect for Fall decorating. Thanks for sharing these at the Open House party.

  7. Lovely! I spray paint everything... even myself a few times LOL

  8. Thanks telling what color they will be next year!