Monday, October 3, 2011

Family Room Tour

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do a room tour for you.  My house is certainly not grand, but it's home.  This room was once a double garage and it was the best thing we ever did when we enclosed it.  We added a triple window, side entrance and a fireplace.  Although Georgia has very mild winters, we do use our fireplace during the winter.  Cold to us is upper 40's ya know!  One of the first things I wanted from this room was an archway into our kitchen.  I have never regretted it.  It opened up our kitchen and we've been able to enjoy our bay window in the dining area in the kitchen  from the family room.  This room also gave me a formal living/dining room space.  We rarely use that room, but I like having a formal area to entertain guests in.  This is used mostly during the holidays and special occasions.  I divided the family room and had the couch divide off the area where our computer is and the toys for daycare.  Being the neat freak I am, the toy boxes use to bother me....not anymore!  Right now Ryder, my grandson is enjoying the fact that Nana has so many toys to play with and they are always accessible to him.

So...let's get on with the tour through pictures!

Here's the newly decorated and painted mantle!  I have a blanket on the hearth to protect the kidlets from accidents!  It is a must have if you have children.  Underneath is a hearth protector. 

The basket was meant for firewood, but I chose to use it for magazines.  These 2 cubicles hold all of Hannah's "stuff".  Plus, they are used when I have lots of guests and I need an extra place to sit.  However, these cubicles have been known to hold several pairs of feet when a fire is going!

This is the decor on the left of the fireplace.  My monkeys!!  The pics and shelf were purchased from Kirklands.  This little table is my favorite.  It has an alligator texture feel to it. 

 Just to the left of the above table is my side entrance.  I just use a topper with blinds on this french door.  I found this rug at Kirkland's.  I love the colors that this rug brings to a sort of bland area.

 This is on the right hand side of the mantle.  The picture I found at Kirkland's.  The basket underneath is for the Wii accessories and games.  Keeps things tidy!!
 This is a side shot next to the mantle.  Our TV and a small Fall grouping.

I just love our cuckoo clock!!  I found this at Big Lots some time ago.

 Here's our love seat in front of the triple window.  As you can tell...lots of light comes into this room everyday. 
 The end table for the couch is next to our love seat.  You can see Hannah's desk behind the couch.  A baby picture of Ryder and a picture of Hannah.  I found this little candle holder at a rummage sale this weekend.  I've got to find a candle!

 Here's the couch.  It's in the center of the room.  You can see behind the couch is both of the desks.  Having the couch in the center of the room completely hides the toy boxes from view. 

 Here's the ottoman that we rest our feet on as often as we can.

 Here's the end table to the right of the couch.  See my lovely monkey?!  He's so sophisticated looking!
 Wrapping on around this center area is a table.  The pictures came from Kirkland's.  If you can remember in previous Goodwill posts, the lamp is a Goodwill find.  I just added the floral arrangement.

 As you can see....we are back at the side entrance.   I have a recliner and small table at that entrance.  The table and the flower arrangement were both found at Kirkland's.
 Here's an up close shot of the cross picture.

 So let's swing around to what is behind the couch.

Upon entering the family room from the breakfast area, you will find this little cozy corner.    It sits behind the main center of the room and is just a nice reading nook.  The blanket is Ryder's favorite blankie to sleep with.  There is no nap if there is no blankie!

 This wall setting is right next to the chair above.  All the items on the plate rack were found at Goodwill.  There's a pic of our daughter, Hannah.
 Here's the newly painted hutch.  This is where I enjoy my coffee first thing in the morning.

 This picture was found at Big Lots.  This hangs directly to the left of my computer hutch.

 This finishes off the wall behind the couch next to the triple window.  This is an early morning shot.  You can see the pic above the desk of Christina and Steven.  We enjoyed them so much this weekend.
 Here's a few things on top of Hannah's  desk.  Pictures of her brother and sister and a few of her favorite things.
 This fox I found at Goodwill this weekend.  I just had to have it!
 This dachshund was found at a local merchant store here in our small downtown.  This looks exactly like our dog, Allie.  Hannah's pride and joy!

Can we say vicious chinese dog?!!  Heh.  I have 2 of them and I added a couple of other blue pieces to this lamp shelf.   I really liked the way the blue looked on the black shelves.

Here's the arch doorway I had to have.  This leads you directly into the breakfast room.  As you can see the bay window in the's so nice having a view into the backyard from the family room.
 Well there you have it.  My humble family room.  This is the most lived in room in our house.  I like things to feel comfy and warm and I hope I've brought that to this room.  It's so much fun decorating in here during the holidays.

I'll leave you with a couple of pics of my beautiful grandchildren!

Here's Sophia all dressed up and ready to go thrifting with Nana.  Who doesn't have pink boots at 11 weeks old?!

Here's a pic that was sent to us as Sophia was in the car headed down to Disney World.

Here's Mr. Ryder.  He was so excited the morning we tried to take a still picture.  He had so much to say with his hands!!  Daddy was taking him for a day of fun with hunting dogs, games to play and loads of fun at a Wildlife festival.  The shirt says, "Born to Hunt, Forced to Nap"....cute!!

This is the only time he is still...when he's napping.  His daddy was able to snuggle up for some good sleep time that day.

Please join my site and I love reading comments!!  It makes the posts so worthwhile!!!  I'm still learning the ropes of this blogging thing, but it's starting to come together.

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  1. I feel like I could walk into your family room and know exactly where to sit and put up my feet. Thanks for the view into your home. I agree with you about the arch. We moved into our home 6 years ago. The thing I dislike is how closed in our family room is. Your grandchildren are such cutie pies. I hope they're having a good time at Disney World - or that their parents are.

  2. Thanks Grammy for stopping by!!

  3. Your home is so welcoming! Love the mantel painted black. And the rug from Kirklands really pops.Hannah's desk is so neat! She needs to have a talk with my 14 year old. Your grandkids are precious - gotta love the pink boots. Too cute! Thanks for the tour.

  4. Looks like a family room full of love. Thanks for visiting today....and you have sweet grandchildren....being a grandma is the BEST!