Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's Done...Fall Decor Inside...I Promise.-

I keep adding and adding more Fall Decor inside and it's all YOUR fault fellow bloggers.  I keep reading and get more great ideas and I have to stop now.  It's become an obsession and I have to move on, right?  Ahem...

Which means...I have yet ANOTHER Fall post to do now!!  Let me take you on my journey of Fall Decor throughout the house in pictures...some you've seen...some that are new.  I just love Dollar Tree.  (hint hint)
I took a metal tray that I had and placed it under an already existing piece on the sofa table in the formal living area.  I went to Dollar Tree and purchased the different colored pumpkins, etc and a couple of stems of Fall leaves.  I decided to have all the pumpkin things on one side and place the leaves on the other side.  Grouping the pumpkins together caused me to have to use less pumpkins and it sort of pops out more than the usual of just placing the pumpkins all the way around and inserting leaves in between.  The pumpkin table runner seems to pop more now with all the colors in the centerpiece.

I wasn't completely happy with this area and I added the raffia ribbon to each sconce.  It just seemed to perk things up on this table.  Remember the so-called sconces are from Dollar Tree...a glass candle holder and vase that were glued together!

Then while I was wandering down the aisles of Dollar Tree, I found this resin container.  What to do with it?  That was my first thought and then I remembered the pumpkins that were in my cart.  The larger one fit perfect.  It looked really blah like...but I figured I could come up with something.  Once the raffia ribbon was out...I knew what I wanted to do.  Just a small touch made a huge difference.  This was added to a table in the family room.  Can we say Dollar Tree?  $2.00?!

I bought this plaque last weekend at the rummage sale I went to.  $.50.  Nice touch on the dining room table.  It says, "In Everything Give Thanks" appropriate for the table. there are my added touches.  I'm going to take you back through the inside home Fall decor that I've done this year.

Here's the centerpiece that is on the breakfast room table.  This entire thing cost me under $5 this year.  I already had the candle holders...found them last year for $1 and I had the crocheted runner.  I'll give you a little tidbit of information about plastic placemats.  They tend to get extremely bent out of shape in storage.  I tossed them in the dryer for just a minute or two and they were back to a nice flat placemat.

Here's another peek at the fireplace....
Here's a pic with the added white lights.

Several different angles of the formal dining room all dressed up!

Dining room place setting...

Happy Fall Ya'll!!!

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  1. Let me be the first to say I've "fallen" for your fall decor. What creative use of your finds. I love how you ruffled the lace runner on the dinning room table ... GENIUS!!! Everything looks beautiful. Welcome to blogland!
    New follower here!

  2. Thanks so much Patti for stopping by and joining my site! I love your site!! Hub and I sat here and went over all the wonderful pieces you blogged about on some of your posts...can't wait to go back and view some more.

  3. Good for you for two reasons: You've decorated for fall and you've blogged about it. I've done the first but not the second. Now it's time to add Halloween in the mix.

  4. You can never have too many fall decorating posts! Everything looks great and very festive.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Pam!! I'm still adding stuff...just can't stop!!

  6. really put all your accessories to good use! I am the same way! I need to make a stop at the Dollar Tree and see if they have anything left! Great job!


  7. Thanks for stoppng by Blondie!! Dollar Tree was almost empty of their Fall decor here!

  8. Your fall centerpiece is lovely, I love the crochet runner. All your fall decor looks great. After seeing all your pretties I want to do a few more things.

    The French Hutch

  9. It all looks great, but I really love the mantel with the white lights!!

  10. Thanks Terri! and thanks for stopping by!! i hope you'll become a follower!

  11. You have created some of the loveliest vignettes I've seen this season.

    Thank you so much for linking up this week!

  12. Thanks for sharing!
    everything is wonderful
    turkey- İSTANBUL

  13. Thanks for stopping by Anonymous!!

  14. Always happy to see Fall & Halloween decor; and we are all always tweaking, aren't we? My first time to your blog, what did I see -- I think we have the same table & chairs. Mine is a new purchase on Craigslist. Your blog looks like fun, so I'm a new follower. Hope you come visit.
    :) CAS

  15. Thanks for stopping by CAS and following. I'm headed over to your site to take a peek now!

  16. Everything looks so pretty and inviting! I love your idea to tie raffia around a pumpkin. And your cornucopia looks fantastic. Visiting you from Savvy Seasons Autumn Arrives Party. Take care.

  17. Thanks for your kind words and stopping by!!!

  18. Your home is beautifully decked out for Autumn and looks so beautiful!! Love it.I have joined your followers list, picked up your blog button, and invite you to join my followers list; as well,I hope you will grab a blog button. Hugs, Gayle

  19. loved seeing all your fall decor ~ really like the plaque you bought at the rummage sale.

  20. Thanks Gayle and Karen for stopping by!! and thanks Gayle for being a follower....I'm headed your way now!

  21. It is all very pretty! I love your mantel. Thank you for joining me for the HSH Fall Open House!