Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Sunday!

We're driving to Atlanta today to pick up my parents.  My brother and his family live in Tennessee, so we're meeting them halfway.  My parents are no longer able to do this drive.  We're about 4 hours from Atlanta, so it's an all day trip.  I can remember last trip, we had my parents so confused? delirious? and ready to get home that I thought they would never allow us to drive them again.  That's a long story....but we come from good genes, right?!  Heh.'s a pic of my mom (79) and dad (80)....

There was some mention of almost side swiping a car...what?  oh yeah that time....going 80 up a ramp to get to Stucky's....Hannah's favorite place...and seriously, she noticed the sign at the had to be done....and driving way over the speed limit....we wanted to get home quickly.   So...I'm not sure what the problem was last time...but.....


Happy Sunday!!


  1. Have a safe trip. I am now the designated driver for my parents. Funny - my dad tells me I drive too slow. I hope everyone has an enjoyable trip and you have beautiful scenery to enjoy.