Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Moving Furniture Around

Clearly, my hub has the patience of Job.  No doubt in my mind.  When my mind is idle...I start thinking and my thinking normally includes a project of some sort or just plain moving furniture around.  I waited until after dinner last night to spring on him my thoughts about a couple of pieces of furniture.

Remember these pics?  This is a pic of a table in our family room.  It holds a zillion of Hannah's movies.  It drives me crazy.

and remember this chest of drawers that I purchased from a storage unit sale just recently?  The purpose of the purchase was to put it in my laundry room to store all of my linens.
Well....yesterday as I was sitting enjoying the quietness of the house, I realized that I liked the chest of drawers that I had recently purchased moreso than the cabinet I was using in the family room.  Which meant.  Yeah.  It all needed to be moved.  The drawers.  The linens.  The movies and the rest of the junk the cabinet held.  Lots of swapping around.  Plus...the chest was VERY. HEAVY. 

So....I waited until after dinner last night to spring the great news on hub.  I must have caught him at a good time...full tummy.  He didn't even blink and said okay.  Hannah was more upset over her movies being moved around.  Her argument...I JUST ALPHABETIZED THEM ALL.  She is such my daughter!!

End result... I need to seriously touch up this table.  I had thought about painting it.  But....for now, I'm going to leave it alone.  It does have some dings, which I need to re-touch.  I'm going to look for a table runner to hide some dings on the top and give it some color.  Other than that.  All the linens fit perfectly in the other cabinet and Hannah was able to reluctantly put all of her movies in all of the drawers.  Her new media center.

Here's the changeover!

Excuse the poor quality of the pics.  It's a very rainy, overcast day and there is just no light to help with pics this morning.

Other things spinning around in my head this morning are:

I still need to paint the laundry room.  I'm building up for that one.  It's going to be a job moving all that stuff around in such a tight space.  I know I will be relieved when we finally get that job done.

I'm loving my cozi.com calendar.  It's keeping me on track with housecleaning as well as other things going on here.  I had NO HOUSEWORK to do on Saturday.  Hannah and I went downtown to the Fall Sidewalk Sale and did a little thrifting.  I had scheduled myself to clean the family room and kitchen baseboards on Sunday.  A much needed job to be done!  I went ahead and painted the baseboards in the kitchen.  We had a boo-boo on the wall in Hannah's bathroom that I repaired and painted over and then I went ahead and painted those baseboards as well.  I was on it!!  The cozi calendar cleaning schedule is keeping me in line for sure.  I have it posted on my fridge and it's one of the first things I look at in the mornings to give me an idea of what needs to be done.  This morning...both bathrooms needed cleaning and the master shower curtain needed to be washed.  That's it! 

 I've got a new EASY recipe to share with you next post!  I plan my menu's every week and I love to try new recipes.  I'll be sharing some of these recipes with you along the way.

It's rainy and 71degrees in the deep South!  Hannah walked out in boots this morning!  She couldn't stand it another day.


  1. My laundry room needs a big makeover, but I am in no hurry to move the washer and dryer. Thought about just painting around it, but I don't think that will work. I love that storage unit dresser. Very cute.

  2. Painting is what I have left to do. I hate to paint....I'm now in put it off one more weekend mode! Thanks for stopping by.