Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blog Break Ovah!!

I know!  I've been MIA for a couple of weeks now.  I've enjoyed the holidays with my family.  I had 2 short work weeks and I've enjoyed every minute of the time off.  There was LOTS of cooking going on here.  All the way into New Year's Day.  I cooked the traditional New Year's dinner and we should all have lots of money and luck this year!

I'm happy to say that with many of the "deal sites" that I'm connected with, I was able to be really frugal this year with Christmas gifts.  EXTREMELY frugal!  I so appreciate these ladies that search the internet and post the deals for all us slackers dedicated followers  to save money!

I was finally able to clear the house of all the Christmas decor and get things back to some sort of normality.  This is a job I totally do not enjoy doing.  I had very little help.  It seems that everyone Hannah was on board to put everything up...but was no where to be found for the clean up.  This is the time when hub never fails to say "you wanted all this up...take it down".  That statement can make me turn into a "broom rider" quickly.

Funny thing that happened is that I forgot what my fireplace looked like before Fall and Christmas decor went up.  So....I went on line and checked out my pictures and was able to find exactly what the mantle looked like and decided to change things up once again.  Here's a pic of the newly decorated mantle using things I had around the house.  Don't we tend to do that?  Move things around?!  or is that just "me".  Ahem.

I sort of kept things simple on the mantle.  As you can tell...the sunlight was pouring in this morning.

Did all the excitement of Christmas and New Years keep me away from the Thrift Stores?  Indeed NOT!

Here's some great finds from Goodwill and Thrift Stores!

 Can we just say that I did a little dance when I saw this at Goodwill!!  $2.99 and cha-ching in the cart it went.  We received some "moose munch" for a Christmas gift this year and what a perfect container to store it in!!  There was a larger one to match this one, that I clearly did not thankfully it had a chip on it orrr....well....who knows, right??

 This also landed in my shopping cart.  I looked at it for a while before I decided why I needed it.  See how practical I am?!  Ahem.  Anyhoo....Hannah's black & white DIY desk in our family room was the perfect place.  She can fill these drawers with her junk valuable trinkets and be happy.

  Can we just sit and stare at the beautiful picture for a while.  The colors practically jumped off the wall.  For $ was mine.  It matched the kitchen perfectly and all I had to do was move some pictures around and it had its place in my kitchen.

Ya'll know there is more, right?  No time today!!  Next post!!  Goodwill is busting at the seams this time of the year!!  Go check it out!

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