Friday, September 30, 2011

Laundry Room Update

Has this been a project or what?  Who knew a laundry room could cause so much trouble!! AND we haven't even painted it yet!  I've saved the best for last and not real clear on when we can get the painting done.  Hopefully, we will (hub and I) feel up to it next weekend.  This weekend will be spent with hubs daughter and her family!  Nana is waiting to see her Sophia!

So, I've finished the last "to do" thing I wanted to get for the laundry room.  Painting is all that is left.  All the little stuff is done.  It looks so much better even without the paint, so I'm excited to see what some paint color will do!

Here's some pics of how things are coming along....

Check out these Goodwill curtains and my iron wannabe rod that I got for $6 at Walmart.  Let the sunshine in!  I've never opened these mini-blinds in this room.  The brand new mini blinds look so much better than the old dust covered ones that were in there. 

Here's the bulletin board again....I'm loving it.

I found this rack at Hobby Lobby.  Perfect for hanging my broom, mop and other stuff.  A plus with a nice little shelf to place this mini suitcase on.  Perfect color for the laundry room.  Now what to do about the stupid electric panel.  Do I really need it?  Heh.

Check this out!  I took the material from the bulletin board and made little ties for the items hanging off of that rack.

Remember my rooster placemat pillow?!  I love it!  On top of the fridge it went....this area is still a work in know Goodwill has something to go up there that I will find soon enough.

Here's the curtains I found to cover those bookshelves!  $5 for each panel.  Not bad, huh?

Here's the curtain opened.  This is working out wonderfully!

I cleaned off the top of the dryer and placed all my necessities for laundry in this basket.  It's a much neater space now.

Check out my new dresser!  Found this at a storage building sale.  The asking price was $150.  No way.  I just didn't want to put that kind of money into a piece of furniture I was using to tuck away all my linens in.  I told the lady I would pay $50 and she said take it!  So I did!!  I was so no expecting that one.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this.  Hub likes this look of the wood furniture look...I'm thinking some chalk paint is in the very near future.  I did a little decor on top and the green container holds all of my hangers!  If you can remember from a past post...the hanger situation was indeed a SITUATION in my laundry room.  They are hidden now and that's a good thing!

I ended up keeping  the shelves above the dresser.  I was able to move some stuff around and organize a bit more.

Here's a sneak peek into the drawers.  I managed to get all of our linens into these drawers.  I had 4 drawers to work with.  Top drawer is for washcloths and hand towels, etc.  Second drawer I used for the Master Bedroom sheets.  Third drawer is sheets for the other 2 bedrooms.  The last drawer is used for the overflow of towels I have.  As you can see my sheets are rolled. I tried to lay them flat, but simply not enough room.  I also rolled my towels. I have storage in both bathrooms for towels, so I only needed one drawer for those.   I like the rolled look.  It looks much neater than the way I originally had the linens in these drawers.  It gave me so much more room.

This has been a long time coming.  This was my ugly room.  I am now taking pride in my laundry/storage room.  I have used every inch of space that was available.  I can't wait to get this room painted.  I may spend the night in there!

Things going on in my head now....

I'm still working on my cleaning schedule.  I've got to wrap my head around all of those chores, even though eventually I did them and I keep a tidy just seems like a lot of stuff to do!!  That is a work on project for sure!  I've got to come up with my days of the weeks and a schedule for sure.  Hopefully, I'll be able to show you on my next blog what I've come up with.

I'm still nagging my friend about the pics of her remodeled kitchen.  Ummm....seriously girl??  


  1. Your laundry room looks great. Sounds like you found lots of great deals for the spruce up. Love, love your roster pillow. Enjoy your time with the family this weekend.

  2. Thanks Toni....I'm ready for this project to be over! I hate to paint!!

  3. I really like how you've organized and decorated your laundry room. Nice touch with the fabric ties - I just never think of things like that.