Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Day of Rest

Probably not.  I'm itching to go thrifting.  I've been battling a sinus infection all week and my famous last words were..."if I can just make it until Saturday, I'm not leaving the bed".  Well...I have left the bed and it's only 7:45am.  One of the last things Hannah asked me last night before bed was..."we're going to Goodwill tomorrow, right?" 

These are things on my mind this morning....

1.  A new mini blind for the laundry room.

2.  A curtain rod for the curtains I purchased for the laundry room a couple of weeks ago.

3.  I have a very large bulletin board with state required notices for my daycare on it.  I want to cover it with some material that will match the sage color. I actually found some material at Goodwill last week I should have purchased for this.  I hope it's still there.  Sort of spruce this up.  It takes up alot of room on one wall and it needs some sort of wow factor. 

4.  I've decided to use spring rods on my bookcases.  I'm searching for a couple of curtains that I will use to cover the ugliness of that storage space. 

My plans were to paint this weekend.  I've had a rough week of just not feeling well and I need a break.  I think thrifting around for the items I've listed above will keep me busy and make hub very happy.  I may pick up some paint samples and start matching those curtains up with a green color. 

Here's an idea I saw on another blog that I can't let go of...

Do you need pillows??  If you're like me and change out your placemats every so often on your kitchen have placemats stored.  So....the blog I read the other day was so helpful with what to do with those placemats.  It was a great idea.  It was a my kind of idea!  Easy.  Of course these have to be cloth placemats.  If you've been following my blog at all, you know I love my roo's.  I have roo placemats.  Stored., my plan is to get my craft on.  You take 2 placemats....take the no sew strips and iron them together on 3 sides....stuff the "now" pillow and close it at the end.  What do you get?  2 pillows!!   Roo pillows for me!  Where will they go?  In the most aggravating place ever to my family.  I'll be waiting for the comments after I get done with this project.  I want the pillows in the chairs at each end of my kitchen table.  I know.  What we do for decor.  I'm so doing it.  I can't wait to take you through the process.  Yes...there will be pictures of this DIY project!   You know you have cloth placemats tucked away!  Go get them! no pics today.  Just some babbling.  I'm headed to the shower and in the rain...Hannah and I are headed out this morning!

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