Saturday, September 17, 2011

Giggling Girls to the Mall

I'm up very early having my morning coffee.  I'm preparing myself to be ready for the day ahead.  Hannah has invited two of her friends to join us at the Mall.  I think she's been celebrating her birthday all week.  We'll stop for pizza first and then we're headed to the Mall.  I'm certain Claire's will be a store that they will giggle in the most.  Earrings....necklaces and all the treasures  that 10 & 11 year olds MUST have!   I have assigned dear hub the task of being the Mall police.  We'll allow him to karate chop anyone that gets in our way.  Cinnabons...I mean....the we come!

I'm hoping there will be enough time for Hobby Lobby?  Do you think so?  I could actually tell them that the arts and crafts section in there is AMAZING and perhaps I can be selfish and take a look around.  I am focused on finding a black rack with hooks on it.  I'm thinking this would look great in the laundry room and I could hang my mop, broom and dust pan on it.  Hub doesn't know this yet...but the laundry room is getting painted next weekend.  I'm so stumped on those 2 book cases in there...what to do...what to do.....

I'll share with you another Fall Decor look for the living room. 
Let's break this down...

 I simply placed a pumpkin in the middle of this arrangement that I already had there.  I bought this pumpkin as a set of 3 from Michael's last year.  I spray painted them orange.  The other 2 are outside on a table on my front porch.  The glass votives on each side normally have candles in them.  I bought a bag of fall looking stuff from Dollar Tree and filled each votive.

Now back to the votives...
This is a pic of what was in it before I changed it out.   A candle with some glass beads.  Now take a closer look at this "votive".  This is actually a glass candle holder glued to a vase.  Both pieces found at the Dollar Tree.  Makes a nice votive don't you think?  This is an easy change out year round.  Last year I tied a ribbon around each votive.  I may do that again to add some more color to that area.  I bet Hobby Lobby has the ribbon I need.  What?  Just saying....

There you have it.  Another quick fix for some really inexpensive Fall Decor.  Wait until you see what I ended up doing with the Goodwill Fall arrangement...remember?

I spruced this up a bit....added a pumpkin...and it's now the centerpiece for my kitchen table.  I can't wait to show you!


  1. Hope your having fun at the mall - very brave with three girls. Yikes! There is ALWAYS time for Hobby Lobby. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. Thanks was truly an awesome time!