Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This Little Piggy Went to the Market......

and this little piggy came home with me.  But she was a blah, pink color, so hub fixed the little piggy for me!  Just cause he's artistic like that!  Poor thing...she didn't even have any cooking spoons to work with!!

 The shading gave her a little more umph, don't you think?  I bought her some wooden spoons and spray painted them black and well...I JUST LOVE HER.  Hub used a pencil to do the shading.  Easy, peasy. 

Since the blog is about pigs per-say...well....I have a confession to make.   I won't disclose details, but I'll give you enough information for you to make your own assumptions about this little adventure I took.  First, I would like to show you what I brought home from this adventure.
Is this  not the finest tree you've ever seen?  When I saw this tree, I knew it would look perfect on my front porch.  The base was broken, but I had the pot and the moss at home to fix that little tidbit of a problem.  The tree itself was in perfect condition.  Even my dog, Allie is in awe of its presence.  Guess how much I paid for it?  ZERO DOLLARS.  I know.  Seriously?  Nothing!  It was free.  Why?  Because it was at the free place to get stuff for free.  I can say I never get out of the car to search for this type stuff...cause I just don't, now I will admit Hannah has been known to make a mad dash for something that struck her interest...but not me, no sirree.  But...When. I. Saw. This. Tree. all by its lonesome calling my name...I took a deep breath...made a mad dash and shazaam it's on my front porch.  My older children are mortified and will be even mortified that I've even brought this up on my blog...but heck...I'm 51 and I can do stuff like that now, right?  Ahem.  I know.  I have no shame.

No...I'm so not telling where I got this from.

So...I just let hub proof read this blog and his comment was that it sounds like I might have stolen the tree.  I DID NOT STEAL THE TREE.

*skips off*

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  1. I know your secret...and I might have to reveal. haha

  2. haha...well I KNOW who you are Missy and you better not! That's cheating because I told you!