Thursday, September 15, 2011

Laundry Room Update

The laundry room is killing me.  I can't get it done fast enough.  I just don't have enough time during the day to do what I would like to.  I've been spending my afternoons sorting and tossing in there.  It looks so much better with just that done.  One day at a time with everything in life, right??

I shared a bit yesterday about some of the tossing out.  I can assure you that Hannah was none to happy to find her two hoarding containers gone.  One that is rarely used is outside...the other (which honestly was to heavy to carry) stayed inside.  This cleared up so much space.  This alone was an added bonus.  Once hubby came home, I had plenty for him to help take out to the storage building outside.

What did I get rid of??

This was the first to go.  This has left enough space here for perhaps a piece of furniture...something with drawers...something from Goodwill.

This is a before pic...

Look how I changed this up....

If you click on the will enlarge them.  How do you like the labels??  I chose the sage green because of the color I will be painting this room.  These 2 baskets hold my linens for the beds.

Remember this?
This container holds my towels....yes...Labeled it!!
I know.  A labeling fool!

Okay...remember I was not satisfied with the way my medicines were kept.  They looked like this in the laundry room....

Messy!  I took everything out and sorted through the meds and placed them in this container and...yep, labeled it!!

All of our prescriptions and over the counter drugs are in the enclosed container.  I used a small blue basket for vitamins and then underneath that is a pink container that hold bandages.  All labeled!  No one has to "wonder" anymore!  The labels just seem to add that extra order in a space.

So....what was I to do with those open striped containers?

Remember this?
This looked fair....but to me...THIS looks better!

and above this shelf I added a basket for the extra daycare clothes parents bring me for their children....
I also tossed this out....

Cleared up some room on top of the dryer.

I have 2 suit cases that I use for my diabetic supplies (yes, I'm diabetic) and an emergency kit to have on hand.  I was able to clear off 2 of my book case shelves to hold these items.  Labeled of course!

I have also always placed a towel over the top of my dryer.  For what reason?  I don't know.  Sorta looks tidy maybe??  So...I was thinking instead of a towel...why not a rug...a rug I had that was sage green!  Take a peek...

I know!! The hangers have got to go!!  I'll figure something out!

Another thing was all the clutter on top of the fridge in there.  I did "try" to do something with it and bought a container to put most of it in there.  Remember this?
It's all gone now.  Everything on top of the fridge is outside in the storage building.

I'll figure that space out later. you can see I'm knocking out a little at the time...tossing in some organization with the labels and I'm getting ready to paint.  I have some ideas about some other problems areas that are turning in my head, I'll share those with you as I do them.

Today...with just what I've already done it already feels so much better in there.  It feels open.  I can't imagine how it will feel painted with curtains...a table and a picture or two.  I  do have to realize that this is not only my laundry room, but also a place for some storage.

The labels were so fun and easy to make.  Hannah loves to scrapbook and she had a 1000 sheets to choose from.  I took a cup...made my circle...wrote in magic marker the labels...punched a hole...used some yarn and the labels were finished.  It just adds to the rooms doubt.

I'm getting excited about my laundry room.  As long as we've lived's been "one of those rooms".  I can't wait for it to become part of my home!  Who says laundry rooms can't be decorated?  The ENTIRE blogging community that's who!!  I've jumped on that band wagon and I'm having so much fun with it.

Now...go get busy straightening out that laundry room!  You know it needs it!

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