Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall is in the Air!!

I woke up Monday morning with a UTI.....(urinary tract infection)....so you know how I was feeling.  It was my last day off....Hannah was at a friends yesterday and my plans were to drag hub around with me thrifting some.  Plus, I read a blog on Sunday night at Savvy Seasons by Liz, that showed these awesome lanterns she had found at Big Lots for just $6.  I couldn't stand it, but yet...I was clearly sick.  So...spoke with the pharmacist and got myself some meds at the pharmacy and pulled myself together to go to a couple of places.  I was not going to waste this rare day shopping without Hannah nibbling at my pockets every single second for that "one thing she has looked for her entire life".  After lunch...I was feeling much better and we headed out and look at all the nice finds I found!!!

Goodwill was SO BUSY.  I was upset.  I couldn't even get my cart down the aisles!  What were these people thinking?  They KNOW that I like to look at stuff by myself!  Harumph!!   Plus...I had a UTI and wasn't feeling 100%.  It must be all these thrifting blogs getting the word out that Goodwill is the place to shop!!

 and who tossed this out??  It needed some more flowers in it...so I headed over to the floral section of Goodwill and there were the flowers I needed to finish off this $2.99 arrangement for Fall.  I have visions of a pumpkin fitting in there somewhere.
I can't wait to put this together.  I'm not sure where I'll place it in the house....but I'm certain it will find a home somewhere.  Mantle perhaps??  Kitchen Table??

Next....I had been looking for a lamp for my formal living room.  I have a really long white couch in there
(7 ft), so I only have one small table on the side of it.  I needed a tall lamp there.  I was willing to wait for it and find the deal at Goodwill.  Lamps are always available at Goodwill.  Found it Monday!
This is the base of the lamp...it's that clear acrylic with silver decorations on it.  LOVE IT!  Here's the center of the lamp.
 and now the lamp....
Sorry the pic is from behind, but it's very overcast here on the day I took the pics and I opened the back door to bring in some light from behind me.  This lamp was $7.  Cha-Ching.  Another great Goodwill find and it works perfectly!

There was just one more lamp I had spied in there the other day.  It was still there, all by it's lonesome waiting on my return.  I bought it Monday for $4 and I'm hoping it will give some nice light at night next to the computer. Don't you like the gold frame and lamp next to the black?
Cute enough, huh?

As we were shopping, we were sorta missing Hannah.  She always heads straight for the books, but her Dad found her something really special.  She is MADLY in love with Disney, just like her big sister Christina.  Anything Disney...she MUST have or she might die.  This is our find for her today...
Not a great pic....but you can see Mickey in there!  She'll love this.

So...we were off to Big Lots.  I was dreaming of finding those lanterns.  Not one single lantern to be found.  Oh well...we looked around and I found this.
Huge Summer clearance sale going on now.  75% off shelves that are almost empty.  I got the cups for $1.25.  I love to drink out of plastic cups.  It's just one of those issues I have.  Ahem.  The carafe was $.75.  Why not?  The 4pk carry containers were $1.50.  Always handy.  That was the extent of my Big Lots shopping trip.

I've decided to wait until I decorate my mantle for Fall this coming weekend to do the reveal of that little makeover.  I'm still getting use to it and we found something at Goodwill today that is now on the mantle.  We were both undecided about how it looked...it's a very dramatic change, but the Goodwill find brought it together and I'm starting to think we made the right decision.  With the Fall decor going up and all those bright colors to hit my mantle....I can't wait to show you.  Those containers will just have to wait until this coming weekend and so will you!

I've got the Pig reveal to do next.  Promise!!  She's just gorgeous!!


  1. Hi! I found your blog while visiting Savvy Seasons by Liz. I am your newest follower; hope you follow my blog as well.

    Seems like everyone's starting to decorate for fall. I have NO fall decor...I'm feeling a big guilty ha!ha! I guess I'll have to go shopping.

    I can't wait to see your finished fall decor w/what you found...and the lamp is GORG! I've been looking for crystal lamps for my bedroom for a while now - drove all the way to Dallas and no luck! :(

  2. I'm glad you found some goodies at Goodwill. I wanted to get out of the house today, so I went to my closest one. The shelves were EMPTY. I mean BARE. Can you tell I'm disappointed?

  3. Thanks so much Sandra! I'm still trying to figure this blog thing out!!!

    Grammy...I would have been very disappointed!!! I live in a very small town but our Goodwill rocks!

    Any ideas on how to get a blog button...it all looks greek to me!! :)

  4. I sent you two emails and then realized you're a no reply blogger. Please email me with your address, and I'll resend them.

  5. what's a no reply blogger? and how can I fix that? My email is mtashie@rose.net