Thursday, September 22, 2011

Are You Prepared??

Are you?  For an emergency that is?  Even a band-aid emergency!  I've always had "things on hand", but I've never actually had one place to find all that I may need.  I inherited this suitcase from a friend and didn't really have a use for it, so it became my Emergency Kit.

Here's a pic....
Cute, huh?

Next was the task of putting the things I actually needed in this kit.  What did I do?  I googled it, of course!!  In case you didn't know...these are things that are recommended for every emergency kit.

Tylenol and a thermometer.  I have the adult fever reducers in our medicine container.
I just found out recently that Visine AC is needed if you get anything in your eyes.  It will flush it out and relieve it almost immediately.  This information was told to me by an eye doctor.  Trust me, it works.  Hub just had to use this the other day when he dusted his glasses off with a paint brush (don't ask) and the particles from the paint brush got in his eyes.  An immediate reaction, but the drops cleared his eyes up quickly!
This is a tubular stretch bandage.

Bandaids!  I have so many different sizes.  The front 2 boxes I have tons of.  I got all of these free!!  I had $1 off coupons and look at the price!  $1.  Cha-Ching!  What child wouldn't want a Tattoo bandaid?!
Instant Cold Packs!
A box of alcohol swabs.
Bug Bites?  Did you know that Meat Tenderizer will take the sting out?!  I didn't!  Plus, some anti-itch cream for those bites!
The mask was recommended. it anyway....I guess I'll know when I need it!
Goggles were also recommended.  No comment.  Maybe a blood spewing moment occurs.....?  I'm so grabbing these goggles!  What?!
Cotton balls and tape are a must have!
A pair of gloves and I have more stored elsewhere.
Dressing Sponges.....
Tweezers and scissors for sure!
Last, but the most important is instructions for emergency care.  I have several pages to help me through any emergency until help arrives.

So, there you have it.  One bag, one emergency kit.  It's labeled and easily identified in my laundry room.  It's the zebra print bag!!! question for you is.....


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