Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday's Thrifting Finds

Yesterday was da bomb.  I dropped a teary eyed Hannah off at her dad's shop and I was off to my Girl's Day Out adventure.  Before I was out of Thomas County my sweet daughter was calling me to tell me about a Rooster clock she had found for me and bought with her own money.  She's such a sap.

Sorry for quality of the pic.  It's early morning and the sunlight is not at its best.   The background of the numbers are more of a green color than what is showing here.   This found a home on the windowsill in my kitchen.  It needs a battery, but she knows what I like for sure!!

So....once I got to Albany, the journey of endless giggles began........
I think at one point we were laughing so hard, we didn't know if we were going to make it in to any store and act like adults. I can remember telling her to just stay away from me while we shopped.  I didn't need to have some sort of fit throwing laughing attack in front of anyone in that store.   It was one of those 50 something silly days!  We've still got it!!  Ahem.

The above picture was almost the beginning of the end.  I wanted a pic of our day and neither one of us was willing to actually stand in front of Goodwill and get this picture.  We had a moment in the car of hilarious laughter....NON-STOP....and finally Marsha grabbed the camera (well I sort of handed it to her) and she took the pic from inside of her car.  It was indeed a moment.  What have we come to??

I have pictures of her remodeled kitchen, that will be coming up in this weeks blog.  Let me warn is GORGEOUS and you will never feel the same about your kitchen again!  Beautiful colors...and beautifully done.

Who knew that Albany, Ga had so many cool places to thrift?  I can't wait to take hub and Hannah up there and show them a couple of really neat VERY LARGE stores.  We did manage to check out Hobby Lobby and Ross.  TJ Maxx will have to wait until my next trip.  I always find lots of nice things at reasonable prices in those 3 stores.  I literally shopped until I dropped.

Here's my Goodwill find...
How about this shelf floor lamp?  Black and White, need I say more?  Brand new still in the box.  Hub was thrilled (ahem) to put it together and what a nice addition to the side of Hannah's newly made over desk!  Perfect match and I really needed the extra light in the spot.  I threw some pieces on the shelves...not sure they'll stay, but it'll do for the pic.

I also found this votive at Goodwill....
Did this not just say FALL DECOR or what?  I will certainly have a place for this.

We headed to the next place that was in a huge building.  A main floor and then a basement.  Booth after booth after booth of treasures.  We were probably in here longer than anywhere we went. I found a couple of things at this place.  Here's the first thing...
 Aren't they just sweet?  At $2 each....had to have them and now they sit perched up on my windowsill next to Hannah's clock.  I also found an awesome picture for my formal living room area.  The light is just horrible in there this morning, so I'll get an afternoon pic and give an update next week.  You are going to die when I tell you how much it was?  We both thought our glasses were not seeing things correctly!!

Our final thrifting shop is below.....check out this pic...

Lots of treasures to be found in here for sure.  A very fun place to shop. 

Next stop was Mellow Mushroom.  Can I just say the best sandwiches ever?!  We shared a Greek Salad and had a sandwich and it seemed nice to sit down and relax after all the walking we had just done.  We tried to do pics...really we did....

Next stop's were Hobby Lobby and Ross.  I found a few things at Ross.  A couple of things I can't post about right now because they are surprise birthday gifts for Hannah.  I can't wait to show you.  Her birthday is Wednesday and she's already driving me nuts about her gifts.  She will be very pleased!!  I found this little coffee container at Ross and it fits nicely next to my coffee pot in the kitchen.
Cute, huh?

So that pretty well summed up our day of shopping.  I may can convince Marsha to share with you pics of her finds.  She had a lot of things going on and found some nice stuff.  Why I didn't take the time to take the pics I don't know?  I was EXHAUSTED!! and I had an hour long drive home all ALONE!  *sniff* 

So...what have I got on my mind today?

Remember this $3 Goodwill find a few posts back?  Well...I managed to get the extra bit of flowers I purchased in the arrangement to give it a more fuller look.  Looks better doesn't it?  I'm envisioning a pumpkin in the midst of that arrangement.  It's too large for the mantle above the fireplace, which was my original thought...but I will find a place for it.

Today is Fall Decor Day!  I have to convince hub to go out to the storage building outside and bring in all those containers.  I will be documenting every single thing through this Fall Decor Day.  I can't wait to reveal the fireplace!!!  It has really grown on me this past week and I don't know why I haven't done this update sooner!

Stay tuned!!!  2 exciting blogs on their way next week...Fall Decor and Marsha's remodeled kitchen!

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