Monday, September 5, 2011

Part Two ~ Painting Adventure

So...I kind of hinted that we moved on to yet another painting project.  This one hub refused to help with.  He was done for the night.  So...he volunteered to cook some egg sandwiches while Hannah and I painted.  Hannah was loving this furniture painting adventure we were on.

Behind my couch sits a hutch that my computer rests on.  It has 2 shelves above the desk area and has always been this creamy ivory color.  I bought this YEARS ago from my cousin, who made me a great deal.  She has a handy man that is very handy and had made this desk for her daughter years prior to me getting my hands on it.

Here's a before picture.....
Now this is an old Christmas picture...but the only "before" pic I could find on the hutch behind the couch.  Can you tell it's early Christmas morning in this pic?  That's hub, Christina and Steven enjoying some Santa time with Hannah.  ( wrong..I KNOW...I'm so lame)  You sorta get what it looks like anyway...right?

Here's the process of the makeover....I had black and white paint...this hutch sits near the desk we just painted and it had to be done.  I was sick of the dirty, creamy ivory paint and it needed an update. 
All clean and ready for the makeover.  After we moved this hutch into the center of the family room...there was some clean up to do under this hutch.  Oh my!  Can you believe how many wires one computer has?  SO MANY.  To look under the hutch was always a nightmare.  It was time to clean it up and I did.  Hub had some plastic grip ties and I was in heaven.  I took my time and we tied off all the wires to shorten the length of them...which lead to not so many stray wires flying around.  There's still A LOT of wires under there, but it makes some sense now.  This took a lot of patience on my behalf to unravel that mess, but I'm glad it's done. 
Here's the hutch drying now.  Everything painted white except the front of the drawer, top of the desk and each shelf.  I let this dry overnight and couldn't wait to put everything back together on it.  It looked so much better.

Now to find a handle for the to Lowe's we went....

This is what I ended up with...I can't wait for hub to put it on today.  I'm not sure why this drawer never had a handle on it.
Here's a pic of Ryder on the top shelf along with one of Hannah's masterpieces she made for me one Mother's Day at a ceramic shop.  Colorful angels, huh?  I loved it.
Here's an older pic of the top of the hutch.  The lighting inside this morning is so poor, this was just a better shot and it hasn't changed.  It's raining here in Georgia and it's like night time outside!!  and I HATE my camera.  Sighs.
There is it....done.  I love it.

If you think the painting was over....well, we woke up yesterday and agreed on yet another project.  I can't wait to share it with you.  It all started with this....
I hope you enjoy your Labor day.  Hannah is off to a friends house for the day.  Hub and I rarely have a day together....I wonder what we will do....

Perhaps buy me another camera?!  Sighs...I know, it must be done!!  I'm shopping around for one I promise.

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