Monday, September 26, 2011

DIYing Part 2

Busy day Saturday.  I did find the material I was looking for to cover my bulletin board in the laundry room.  It wasn't what I had found a couple of weeks ago...SOMEONE snagged that one up!  But...I was much more impressed with what I ended up with.

I had the material.  I had the stapler.  I needed a ribbon to outline the bulletin board with and I needed glue to attach it to the board.  I found myself in Walmart in the crafting section.  Something I rarely do.  I was a newbie crafter!  Heh.

Here's what I did....first the material...

Awesome colors!
Finished Look!

Yay!  Go me!!  The frame will be painted I think.  After I see what the color on the wall looks like...I'll go from there.

Here's a before shot!


Amazing what a little change up to a bulletin board can do to your decor!!

I can't wait to show you the other 2 changes in the laundry room! The curtains I found for the bookcases and I found a dresser.   Guess what?  I have a LAMP in my laundry room!!  I'm so excited.  It's beginning to look like a part of the house now.   I have 2 projects to do here....the curtains need a piece of material attached (go hemming tape) to the bottom to make it the correct length.  I had 2 choices...go too short or too long.  I opted for too short.  I can choose a fabric to attach that will blend well with the sage green walls.  The 2nd thing is this great piece of furniture I found at a storage unit sale!  No...not storage wars...but how fun would that have been?   I'm going to look for some Annie Sloan chalk paint and I'm either painting it black or a cream color.  Not sure yet.  It was the piece I have been looking for.  I got it at a ridiculous price. I could not  have had the dresser tossed in the car fast enough.  The lady was clearly delirious and I took advantage of her!  I'll be sharing this with you soon.

Last thing to do is paint the laundry room.  Big job.  Small area.  Big items in it to be moved around.  HALP!

Mommy by Day, Crafter by Night

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