Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Wonderful Picture Find!

Here's another find that I found this weekend with my friend shopping.  I finally remembered to take a picture when the lighting was much better in the house.

Take a look at this....
I got this for TWELVE DOLLARS.  The frame had a couple of scratches, but with some Old English polish they came right out.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the price tag for $12.00.  The cashier even commented at what a great deal this was.  You never know what you can find when you go thrifting.  I purchased this picture to go over my fireplace, but it didn't work out there.  I carried this around the entire house and finally realized it had a home right here.  It matches everything perfectly!!  I love the old setting in the picture.  This is why I thrift!

Yesterday I was very busy.  Remember the laundry room?  The most hated room in my house?  Well...I've been busy.  I've been this space.   I removed Hannah's 2 hoarding containers.  One ended up in the storage building outside and another one she uses ended up in the guest bedroom closet.  She'll have to deal with it!  I want my space back.

I had in mind to do this room in a green color.  Something that would look nice flowing in from the kitchen.  I've decided to go with more of a sage color.  A softer color than Hannah's bathroom that I originally thought I wanted.  I was shopping at Goodwill on Sunday and came across this set of curtains....
There's the salmon color I was looking for...and there's the sage green.  PERFECT curtains for the laundry room.  All the decor will be thought out around these curtains. much were the curtains?  $5.99.  Cha-ching!  These curtains got me in the mood to clean some things out yesterday.  I've got some more things to take to the storage building outside tonight with hub's help.  Slowly but surely my laundry room will get it's much needed makeover.  I'm seeing visions of a table, lamps and pictures on the wall.

I'm still tweaking the Fall Decor.  I can't wait to show you the finished dining room table.  I actually did a place setting that belonged to my sons great grandmother.  It fits the Fall decor perfectly.  I know she would love knowing that these dishes still had a purpose.

Gotta go and dig through that laundry room some more....this is going to be a big ordeal before it's all said and done.

Here's a peek at Marsha's kitchen....
She's promised to get me some more pics.  All of mine were not that great.  As soon as she sends them to me....I can't wait to show you her kitchen makeover.  Aren't the colors just wonderful?  She found all of this at Hobby Lobby.

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  1. Your Good will finds are awesome!! Love the curtains.