Monday, August 29, 2011

Saturday's Findings!

I had not been to Goodwill in a couple of weeks.  It seemed that every corner I turned there was clearly something I liked...I just did not need it.  I hate that!!!  See?  You should have been shopping with me and I would have found you some great stuff!!!  I had a friend join me at Goodwill a couple of months ago.  I think she was sick of hearing about what all I had found.  She made the trip over and we loaded up her cart and she got some really good stuff.  It was more fun spending HER money than MINE that day!  I love to see someone get a deal.  What I like about our Goodwill is that it is neatly organized and everything is within hands reach.  It's much like a retail store.  Stuff that is piled up on tables is a huge turn off for me...but I will say...if I'm in the mood I will DIG.  Ahem.  Just saying.
Hannah found this.....
This was an awesome find for her.  For $.99..she got it.  She's collecting LP's...thing is...she has no LP player.  We thought she had one over the weekend, but it stopped working.  So....we're still looking for her one.  I know you can find one...but clearly I'm not interested in paying $100 for them and that's about what they are priced to be.  Surely someone will donate their old LP player soon?!

This is what I came home with....

A Roadmaster Tricycle for Ryder.  $8.99 and it was sold!  It looks brand new.  A couple of small scratches...but nothing noticeable and Nana was the hit of the day with this find.  He hasn't quite mastered the pedals...but he knows this is the coolest thing ever!   I couldn't wait to take it to him!  He woke up from his nap seeing Nana and hearing her say..."Nana has brought to you the BIGGEST toy EVAH"!  His feet hit the floor fast.  Can't you tell he's loving inspecting his new ride?

I couldn't pass up these finds for Ryder...since he is a car man!
3 fire truck, one ambulance and one monster truck.  $1 each?  He needed them!!
He was clearly happy with my find!

So...I did break down and buy this.....
 I bought 2.  For $2.99 was a deal and in perfect condition.  They are sitting nicely on my couch in my family room now.  The colors just blended so well with everything in the room. A very nice find!!

I have some projects at hand is to do a rub over my pig.  I know..that sounds wickedly weird.  The color is just a bit to blah for me.

I did move my Paula Deen plate and I'm liking this setting better.  I need to get some wooden utensils...darken up those creases a bit and I think I'll be totally satisfied with this little piggy!!  My mom is so gonna hate this pig!  If she hates Roosters?  a pig certainly isn't going to win her over!!

My next project is this desk.....
 I keep putting this off.  It's needs to be repainted.  I want to replace the knobs on the drawers.  I'm thinking I'll paint this a cream color and the top black.  I've seen this done on some other blogs I've read and each piece has turned out looking really nice.   Hub is a great painter...I'm not so much.  I have no patience and he has a very steady hand.   I'll have to get him in the right frame of mind for this project.  I've been slowly "mentioning" it around him.  I also would like to have a different chair here.  I'm looking for something to put a spark in my eye...I would most likely paint it all black.  Something with a wooden back I think.

Hopefully, I can get these 2 projects done and show you the end result really soon.  The mood has to hit me...and right's just crawling under my skin a bit.

I have a really close friend that has just remodeled her kitchen.   I talked to her over the weekend about coming for a visit and taking some pics to show on my blog.  I haven't seen the end result yet, but from the sound of it...I can't wait to see everything.  A total overhaul and I know I'm going to hate her when I see the kitchen!  I can't wait to share that with you!  She was able to find all of her decor from my favorite store, Hobby Lobby.  I can't wait to share with you her shopping trip that day!   She's promised me a trip to her local Goodwill if I came and that should be the icing on the cake for me!

September is just around the corner and that's when the Fall decorating at my house begins!  A total makeover throughout the house!  They are all gently stored in containers in our storage building outside.  Several Fall things caught my eye in the stores yesterday...I'll have to make hub bring the containers up soon and begin the Fall decorating.  I plan to take you along for the ride!!

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