Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Get Your Bike Ride On!

BUT...before you do from last night's eggplant....
Does this look yummy or what??!  Easy peasy!  IF you follow the instructions...and you know who you are that did not!  That's all I'm saying...yep...that's it. EVE, my sister in law!  *cough*

See that smile?  Happy Eggplant Face. 

Here's a shout out Happy SIXTEENTH (ahem...apparently I had a senior moment and wrote Happy 15th Birthday on their card) Birthday today, to my favorite nieces and nephew.  4 of them.  All at one time.  Right.  Quadruplets.  Yep.  Here's their gifts all bagged up and ready for delivery yesterday.  It's hard to believe they are turning 16 today.  They are the sweetest kids evah...and I love them very much! finally get down to what this blog is really all about.  BIKES, bikes and more bikes.  It was sometime in the Spring...of this year...I guess it could be worse if it was actually LAST only a few months delay....when I really got the bright idea that we should be a bike riding family.  Where did I turn?  Goodwill.  What did I find?
This one was found before Christmas last year for Hannah.  Brand new...tags still on needed a tube in the tire and it was perfect for her.  $50!  Great bike for her to ride in our neighborhood.  Finally, a big bike for her and the Brat & Barbie day bikes were over!

Prior to Mother's Day...I found yet another bike at Goodwill.
This bike was $9.99.  It had a bent wheel.  It sat in our storage building forever and then Mother's Day rolled around and this is what I got.....
 Here's my bike I got for Mother's Day.  I've rode it once...twice maybe and then it just turned HOT.  I've been promising that once Fall arrives...I'm so out there to ride my bike with Hannah.  Ahem. 

Hub NEVER did anything with the $10 bike.  My son came over and picked it up...took it to a bicycle shop and for $20 it's in perfect working order.  He's riding on it often and I'm just happy someone took it and did something with it.  I think hub was afraid we were going to railroad him into family bike rides.

So...a few more weeks I'll be out there riding, right?

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