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Goodwill Finds for the Kitchen!

When I began to review the pictures of my Goodwill finds...boy oh boy...there is so many Goodwill treasures that I think I'll take it room by room.  Today...we'll get the kitchen and I'll show you how you can decorate your kitchen with Goodwill finds!

My kitchen has gone through a few colors.  When we first bought our home the paint in every room was a flat painters white.  The usual.  Growing up my parents house always had white/cream walls.  It was just the thing to have.  My mother can't get over the bold colors I use in my house now.  Generation Gap big time.  The first color I tried out in the kitchen was a burnt red sort of color.  I liked it a lot.  But, soon grew tired of it.  I wanted to go bolder with my color.  Now..the kitchen is a dark brown.  My mother always told me that dark colors will make a room smaller.  This is probably true...but the richness of the color takes over and to me...white walls are out!  Plus, brown goes with so many different colors.  Yellow.  Red.  Black.  Salmon.  The color choices for decor are endless with brown.   The next thing that would thrill my soul would be to paint my cabinets white.  Long term goal I think. are some finds at Goodwill that I added to the kitchen to spruce things up!

Check this out.  I found this corner shelf at a local store here marked down to $35.00.  HAD TO HAVE IT! Let's was an early present to me.  Plus, I needed something to hold all the treasures I had found!  I have some more up close pics of the finds...but eventually they ended up here on this shelf.

My roosters ended up all together perched on the shelf.  I don't know how I got started with Roosters in my kitchen...but is it not THE THING to have now or what?  My mom always says..."if you like it, I like it"...which means..she hates it!

These roo's were another Goodwill find.  The roo tray above....Goodwill find!!  Is that really chicken wire on that tray?!
This was what I had on top of my fridge until I found those roo's!  These are Goodwill finds as well.  I took 2 candlesticks that I found and placed these pots of onions on top of them.   It's hard to tell, but the candlesticks have olives on them.  Perfect for a kitchen.  BOTH I found at Goodwill on the same day.  I later moved this to my shelf.  The bird plaques...Goodwill of course...I later moved these and I use one above my shelf on the wall.

These little vases caught my eye...I decided to put a candle in them and use them on my kitchen table.  I can change this up with fresh flowers...ivy....the uses can be endless.  For now...they are candle holders.  I've been thinking that a bit of baby's breath would look nice in these vases.  Maybe later...

I found all 3 of this containers and this lovely pitcher at Goodwill.  I'm not 100% satisfied with this look. certainly comes in handy when I'm cooking.  I've always kept my cooking utensils in a drawer...I think I like it like this for now.  Isn't that pitcher just awesome?!  These items can be found at Goodwill on any given day.  I've had to really just STOP myself from buying them.

A silver pineapple.  I originally used this on my countertop with fruit in it.  Look where this find ended up?!  and what a find!!!  The glass and limes were all from Goodwill.  It really brought out a mixtures of colors on this shelf!
This bowl was priced out at $2....same bowl is at Walmart for $11.  I put some glass beads on the bottom of this candle holder and added a coffee scented candle.  It smells wonderful in the kitchen!  I think I would like to replace the glass beads with some real coffee beans.  Can you imagine the heat from the candle on those beans?!  It says KITCHEN!
The coffee pic was a nice find and I thought I would enjoy seeing it next to our coffee pot.  A bit inviting, huh?  I also bought this cheese dome.  The wooden part was pretty beat up...but after a good spray painting it really came together.  I bought these grapes for a $2 at Walmart and ended up with a very nice piece.  It ended up on the bookcase in the kitchen.
Another Roo.  I know...I have to stop!!  I bought this metal napkin holder from Goodwill and placed the Roo in there with my Olive Oil.  I've since changed this up and my roo has another home in the kitchen.  Do you see the cutting board?!  OH MY!  That went into my cart so fast people's heads were spinning.  It is SO HEAVY and I use it everyday!  How about that paper towel holder....had to have it.  The toaster we were in need of.  It looked brand new.  It even has a place to poach eggs on the side.  I looked this up on line and it retails for $50....I bought it for $12.
 A revolving spice rack!  $8!!  This was a never been opened brand new item.  All the spices were sealed up in their original bags.  I'm a spice this was right up my alley.  See the limes and lemons in the pitcher?  I found  a bag of these and I've used them in several different places around the kitchen.

These canisters were once three.  Thanks to my dear hub...on the way in from the car he dropped one and broke it.  Oh well....I had to deal with it.

Can you say dessert dishes??  I bought this set of 8 for $3!!  My old, really small dessert dishes from the 70's went straight to Goodwill.  These are going to come in so handy around the holidays.

This vase for $.99 with dragonflies was just to cute to pass up.

Every kitchen needs a bird cage, right?  Ummm no.  My family hates it.  It's right under a couple of chairs for the table.  In my defense, those 2 chairs are rarely used unless we have guests. It's been head banged a few times.  I get the "glare" when it happens.  My family knows to DEAL WITH IT.

I did a little dance when I found this!  A Paula Deen plate for my kitchen, say what?!  Perfect colors to go with those brown walls...and I just love Paula Deen.  I've cooked enough of her recipes to have her represented in my kitchen!
I found this silver fish platter when I found the silver pineapple bowl.  Someone must have donated both of these items at the same time.  I already had one other silver platter in my this was a great find.  Right above the pantry door.

This is the top of my book shelf in the kitchen.  The roo lamp was $10  at a local store here in town and the poster was $.99 at Goodwill.  I ended up spray painting the frame black to spruce it up a bit.  The colors were right up my alley!  I just love my brown walls!!
 Final pic!  Can you believe the stuff I've purchased from Goodwill?  These 2 plates were a $.99 a piece find.  Perfect to place over my bay window! I a Goodwill crazy person or what?!  Two years ago, I never went into a HAVE to go at least once a week.  Honestly...there is more cart shoving going on in Goodwill than at Walmart.  I've also been able to find out that locally here Target donates there merchandise to Goodwill.  Here...the tags are pink and that let's you know it's from Target.  It is a little more pricier than Goodwill pricing, but it's certainly below retail value.  Also, if you ask a cashier at Goodwill when they rotate their stock...they will let you know when they are expecting a Goodwill truck from another location.  Some Goodwills have dates on their items...this is how they determine whether or not they will price the item down for you.  It doesn't hurt to ask?  Even though I purchase a lot of Goodwill items, I also donate a lot to Goodwill.  When I'm's going to Goodwill and the tax right off helps at the end of the year.  If I'm finding these deals in our small town, can you imagine the larger cities?  If only!  I did have the opportunity to do some thrift shopping in Nashville, TN recently....there was clearly not enough time!  We live about 30 miles from the Florida line and there is actually a Goodwill for nothing but holiday items.  It's called the Goodwill Holiday Store.  I almost fainted when I found this.   Yes...'tis true.  Wait until you see my Christmas goodwill finds!!

I hope this has inspired you to check out your local Goodwill.  The money goes to a good cause and the treasures you find there are priceless.  My 10 year old would not miss out on a trip to Goodwill....she tells her friends we are "antiquing"!  Heh.  Perhaps I can show you later what interests a 10 year old in a Goodwill store! it...check out your local Goodwill store!!  I promise you won't be disappointed!

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  1. I love shopping at Goodwill and you sure found some fabulous pieces for your kitchen!! Well done :O)