Monday, August 15, 2011

Bathroom Makeover

My sweet, angelic daughter Hannah was obsessed with using the master bath.  Something we would have never allowed with our 2 older children.  There's just something about being an older parent that you tend to allow things that would have never happened back in the day.  Her excuse?  She hated the way her bathroom looked.  It was old not modern enough.  So....I decided to allow her to decorate her own bathroom with my supervision.  It was stressful.  It was expensive. me anyway.  We headed to Target to get this task done and to finally get her out of my bathroom.

Here are some before pictures.  You know...the OLD TIMEY not modern enough bathroom for a 10 year old. granted the last pic shows a very mis-matched shower curtain...which you will kindly note I changed this in the first pic.  I honestly thought that color would blend...but it didn't.  It just stood out like a sore thumb.  So...Hannah hated it had "our" monogrammed towels in it.  It was clearly not her bathroom.  What was I thinking??'s the after. daughter did this.  You either hate it or love it and I loved it.  The black and white was perfect for the color of the wall.  We've since added some more decor items in there.  She's a Mickey Mouse fan, so the hand towel with Mickey's glove on it just seemed to fit.  Audrey Hepburn was a bit of an argument...we found this pic at Walmart.  I just couldn't imagine everyone sitting on the toilet with Audrey staring at you.  I like it now....she sort of grows on you.

My camera is on the blink right now.  So...I'm in hopes to either fix it...or get another one soon.  I'll share the couple of added items we've found to complete this bathroom makeover later.  A couple are Goodwill finds that I know you will just love.  Another is a cool find from my favorite place, Hobby Lobby.

So...everyone is happy now.  Hannah has her own bathroom that she designed.  I have my bathroom back.  We re-organized her cabinet space in the bathroom and the cabinet space under my cabinet.  She is now having visions of a black & white bedroom.  I think she's beginning to act like her mother!

Next blog...some organizing bathroom tips?*The+Thrifty+Home%29

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