Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flour, Cans & Boxes OH MY!

I would love to wake up one morning and magically have this beautiful walk in pantry with a zillion shelves.  Have you seen the kitchens with the pantry door having the actual door in a frosted glass with Pantry on it!? kind of pantry.  I know what I have is for the best though.  With my couponing (another post?), I would be insane in a grocery store shopping continuously to stock the pantry and not have an empty shelf available.  I probably would try to say I was a Chef and all those things were necessary. reality, I have just a small, wee closet to store my goods in.  I do want the word "Pantry" actually placed on the door.  That would make me feel better.  Seriously though...where do you draw the line on that sort of thing?  Next...the bathroom will have "Bathroom" on the door and so on.  I know...I still want Pantry on my door.  Say what you want to...I'm so getting this one day.  I could not have Pantry on my door with a mess behind it though.  If I go to someone's house and Pantry is on their door IN WRITING...I'd have to open it...there must be something really worth seeing behind "that" door!  So...I must say I've always kept a neat sort of pantry, but this summer I started transforming it into a nicer place to actually see.  I would have loved to have gone to a store and purchased everything the same....all lined up in a row, but the thought of the actual cost of doing that sent me running to Goodwill.  Our Goodwill here should be called The Container Store.  There's not one time I can walk in there and not see containers...plastic and glass.  I actually had on hand the plastic containers here at home.  So between Goodwill finds and what I had, I was able to come up with a nifty looking pantry.  I printed out labels...taped them on and wow what a difference it made.  Here's a video of my tiny pantry...

Since my space is not a large one, I decided to break things down and create in one of my kitchen cabinets a Baking Cabinet.  Why not?  I'm so disciplined, I thought every single thing must be in the designated pantry area.  Not true!   Below is a pic...

This not only gave me additional Pantry gave me a place to store everything I need to bake with.  All of the containers were found in a Goodwill store.  I did have some containers that I was already storing cereal in, but for the most part everything else was a Goodwill find.  Once I began emptying boxes, I realized that I would have to keep up with expiration dates as well as instructions for useon some items.  I just simply typed those off my computer and taped them onto the top of the containers.  I've had some people ask me why would I want to put everything in containers?  The reason is that when you open a box, you either have to put it in a container or as I have done in the  past.....put a ziploc bag over it.  TACKY.  Sorry tacky bag people hangs head in shame, but it's the truth! I promise you the little bugs will find there way into those bags. Yes, it happened to me.   It's also much easier than trying to figure out what is in that plastic bag.  I feel secure that no bugs are getting in my food and it's a safer product for the family now.  I've always had visions of little invisible bug eggs living in my stuff!

I think it's about time to start revealing some of my home decor Goodwill are going to be shocked at what Goodwill has to offer....and it's quite a busy place to go to lately!!  Later....

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  1. sometimes life gets us distracted love the fact that you took control back again yeah and thanks for inspiring me come see me at

  2. Yes, bugs get in your bags and boxes that's why I used Tuppereware modular mates. A little expensive, yes I know. But I love them. And I like your idea. You can always find them at thrift shops for less. They last for a long time too.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Rosario! I'm a container nut in my pantry!