Saturday, August 27, 2011

Being A Nana

This little fellow has grown up so fast.  It seems like just yesterday that I was cuddling with him as a baby.  It's hard to get a kiss out of this 20 month old.  He's way to busy for all of that mush stuff.  These goo-goo eyes while I'm kissing him was such a treat when I saw the picture. I'll take what I can get out of this little fellow!   It's a good thing I've got Sophia now....I'll have her kisses for a while and she'll have no choice but to take them.

His entire world revolves around Dora, better known as DOR-WAH.  If you're not hearing this constantly, then something is wrong.  Since Dor-wah doesn't come on every station every minute (what were they thinking?), I finally realized that the computer can play Dor-wah as long as his heart desires.  He sits in Nana's big executive chair for the computer and doesn't move when Dor-wah is on.  I've threatened to buy him the Dora doll, but I know my son will never let him play with it.  He even said he'd feel better if he liked Dora's cousin, Diego.  MEN!   For now, Dor-wah is his LIFE.  There's only one other thing that can distract him from the love of his life, Dor-wah and that's matchbox cars.  If he has a car, truck or tractor in his hands....well, life is good.  I even made a container that has Ryder's Cars written on it.  When he comes, he's pointing towards the laundry room where I keep them for his  CARSSSSS.  He will say CARSSSSSS about a zillion times until you bring down the container...he'll entertain you with a little dance...a huge smile and then he silently goes to car heaven.  The cars go in the container...the cars come out of the container....the cars go on top of the back of the couch...the cars come down.  C.O.N.S.T.A.N.T.L.Y.

With that said....guess what Ryder gets every single time we go to Walmart.  It's not a bad deal...$1.07 a car....he's a pretty cheap date and you would think you had just bought him the world.  When we went to Nashville, son in law knowing that my entire world revolves most of the time around thrifting...did his son in law duties and took me around to several stores in their area.  I'm not much on the clothes...but the home decor always is the first thing I look at, along with the furniture.  During my process of checking this stuff out, I notice hub and Hannah drawn to a huge table that looked like JUNK.  Right up their alley.  I finally made my way up to the table and discovered this clear plastic bag...I'd say elbow to wrist and you could fill it up with any item on the table for $2.99.  Hannah was having a field day.  There were some cool things that she had found...but clearly she has hoarding issues!  Everything is a collectible in her eyes!!  I finally got interested enough to begin moving things around and what did I find?

Was I not a hit that morning??  Cars, Trucks, and Semi's!!  He couldn't stop smiling when I opened up the container for the first time!  I got all of this for $6.  There was even those neat monster trucks...that took up more room in the bags, but well worth it.  Nana had scored big time!!  He knows now when he comes to Nana's there are 2 things I can provide...endless entertainment of Dor-wah and cars!  I also had found a Matchbox suitcase at our local Goodwill here.  It looked brand new...$2.99.  I snatched it up and all the cars he has at daddy's are stored in this neat container and it's a suitcase on wheels.

I can't wait to get into doll world with my Sophia.  I'm sure by Christmas, we'll come up with something she can play with. Ahem.  She'll almost be ready to crawl by then.  With big eyes like this...I think Grandpa is in big trouble when she gets old enough to go "shopping".

 Is she not the cutest thing you've ever seen?  All we can do now is dress her up, give her lots of kisses when she is here and miss her when she's gone.
Say what?  A bikini already?!  I think someone's daddy is in big trouble!!  In October they are headed to Disney World with this little one.  My head says heart says yes.  So....we'll see how all of that goes.  I'm sure the Disney pictures are going to be priceless and where else is she going to wear this bikini?!  I hope one day she will catch my passion for thrifting and she can join Hannah and I for lots of adventures!

I think Ryder and Sophia are going to be my sidekicks at thrifting....then one day like Hannah...we'll have to call it "antiquing" to save face!

I hope this finds all of you in a safe place if you are located on the East Coast.  Irene seems to be a monster.  I'm saying prayers for my brother and his family to have a safe trip home from Myrtle Beach, SC.  First vacation they've had in years and a hurricane comes!!  I'll be calling them later.  They are not in the direct path, so they felt safe enough to hang around.  My mom is NOT happy with that decision!!

It's Saturday and I'm headed to Goodwill today.  It's been 2 weeks and I'm having some issues not going!  I've got so much more to share with you...I hope you'll hang around and come back and see me tomorrow!

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