Monday, August 22, 2011

Good Stuff!

My sister in law, Eve Adams has just launched a granola business.  She is currently supplying her handmade organic granola to a few Yoforia yogurt stores in North Carolina.  My nephew owns several of the yogurt stores and if you've never had their yogurt with all the goodies on top, you are missing something!!  Check it out and see if you have a Yoforia in your area!! Anyhoo...back to Eve,  she recently had the idea to really go all out and try to take this yummy granola to another level.  She has since created a website and is meeting with a couple of (organic) grocery stores to sell her granola.  Go read about it and buy some granola and tell her I sent you!  I can promise you that it is very addicting and you won't be unhappy with it at all!   In fact...I think I ate all the granola she gave me....she's falling down on her duties with her amazing sister in law!

Come back and tell me what you think?!  I'll be excited to tell her your responses! very talented, beautiful niece, Emily Rhea Adams has decided to have a go at photography.  This is Eve's daughter and with 2 businesses beginning at almost the same time, their household is very busy these days!!   Emily takes awesome photographs!  Our hometown is just the place to be if you want to be a photographer.  Lots of businesses downtown have shown an interest in her photography and she recently made her first sale, with several of her photos on the walls of one of the downtown businesses here in Thomasville.   She's got what it takes to make a really great photographer one day.  Go check her out at the link below!

Is our family just awesome or what?!  Adventures taking place all over with this group!  Hope your Monday is going well so far!!  I feel another thrifting blog coming up next!!!

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