Thursday, August 18, 2011

What's Happening in my World?!

This week is a busy, joyful week for me.  I have the pleasure of having both of my grandchildren here at the same time.  Ryder normally comes in on Wednesday's for the day, but this week he was here on Wednesday and he's back again today.  He certainly keeps things interesting.  He's a 20 month old ready to concur the world and since he has me in the palm of his hands, there's no stopping him. his daddy will tell me!  With me having the daycare here, he loves to come.  There is always someone to torture play with.  Can you imagine having not 1 but 5 under two here?  It's challenging and I must have nerves of steel.  There's just something about having this unconditional love with the children you keep.  I've had 27 in my care so far over a 10 year period of time.   In reality, you are actually with them more than the parents during the week.  So....the love is strong and very unconditional.  I love the kidlets I keep!

So...getting back to Ryder.  He's actually my 2nd grandson.  Wesley Hunter Miller would have celebrated his 3rd birthday on September 20.  He was stillborn at 34 weeks.  A devastating day like no other.  Ryder certainly brought the joy back into all of our lives.

I have a few hundred pics of Mr. (Jonathan) Ryder Miller.  But, I'll only share a few with you.

 Is he not the cutest thing evah?!

Next...our adorable granddaughter Sophia Rose Clawson.  She's our newest addition to the family.  She was just born on July 13th.  A girl?  What more could we ask for?  Since they live in Nashville, TN, I'm having thoughts of kidnapping this precious baby.  They are here this week and I'm already thinking about the next time they come, which is promised to be in October.  I'm not use to not having hands on with my grandchildren!  Her daddy is a singer and is coming back to his hometown for a concert this Friday night.  She'll be attending her first live concert at 5 weeks old!  Here's a few pics of her...

This is what I have loaded on the computer so far.  I've had a camera go out on me, I can't figure out how to get my facebook pics over here yet....she hasn't had her first professional photography shoot yet, but I can assure you there will be many pictures to follow!  She is yet another blessing to our family.

I think becoming a Nana (grandmother) has been the best thing ever.  I've embraced it wholeheartedly and the holidays are going to be so special this year.  I've experienced love with my parents, brother, children, nieces, nephews...but this thing called Nana is another very deep love.  The only thing I can say is the more the merrier.  I want to be THAT grandparent.  I want my grandchildren to always want to come here for a visit.  After Ryder was born, I bought a Cuckoo Clock.  I mean seriously...does it get any better than coming to Nana's and her having a Cuckoo Clock?

So...there you have a post about what's going on in my life this week!

Above are 3 very sleepy people yesterday.  Ryder was just waking up from his nap...Sophia had no problem sleeping and Nana was trying to catch a snooze with both of them, but Ryder was to interested in touching my face.  Priceless..... start getting a blog together about some awesome Goodwill finds!  Later....

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