Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day One of Blogging to the World

I guess I should begin by introducing all of you to our family.  My blogs will certainly mention them a thousand times or so.  First I would like for you to meet my husband, Jim.  He is the love of my life.  We are both on our second marriages and this time we absolutely "got it right", as they say.
 Why does he have a cross on his head?  Ummm....because he's a bit crazy.  I know...his eyes in this pic tell "his" story, right?

Next....our children.  I have a son, Tyler from my previous marriage and Jim has a daughter, Christina from his previous marriage.  Then...there's Hannah that came along when I turned 40.  Yeah.  Enough said.

I love these guys!  Tyler is a single dad.  Bless his heart.  Christina is a new mom.  We have 2 beautiful grandchildren that I'll tell you all about soon.  Hannah is my "keep us straight" child.  There was never to be empty nesters for us!

Next, is our son in law.  Steven Clawson.  

He is the best son in law anyone could ask for.  He's pursuing a singing career and they live in Nashville, TN.  You might recognize him from the show CMT's Next Superstar.  He came in 2nd place.  He's still our winner.

Here's my grandson, Ryder.

There are really no words to describe being a grandparent.  He stays with me every Wednesday and the joy he brings to my heart is indescribable!  I can watch him and at moments I see Tyler back when....nothing but a joyful feeling.

Sophia...oh my goodness!  The newest addition to the grandchildren!

Can you tell that Grandpa is a bit smitten with this baby girl??  There's Aunt Hannah.......she's the neatest Aunt evah!

Finally, our dog.  Allie the dachshund.
  What's that?  Why does SHE have a cross on her head.  I dunno.  Ask my insane husband!  Allie is the third dog in our family.  Christina and Tyler both had dogs that we all loved very much.   Allie is Hannah's dog.  A dog that came along because her caterpillar turned into a cocoon.  Long story...but hub thought that since she was so upset when this happened, she deserved a dog.  Yes, that's how I live.  Well thought out decisions!  But...another love in our life now.  Even though it's a pain to go ANYWHERE.

So...there you have it.  My family. get on with the stuff that makes a blog work, right?  Thrifting, cooking, organizing and some good ole whining from time to time.


  1. I can't wait until you start describing the better half of your family...... the fruitcake's brother and his lovely wife........wait, let me rethink yet, just forget about us and concentrate on the younger brother and fam.....leave Joe out of this! lol

  2. No way....the entire clan is in!

  3. Chic this is great. LOL

  4. Thanks Linda...we'll see what happens here.I'm not sure the world is ready for my craziness!