Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fall Decor and Thrifting!

Fall is just around the corner and I'd like to share some Fall Decorating ideas with you.  Note:  Please excuse the dates on the camera...I HATE setting dates and have since removed the date from my camera for future pics!

I took some things I had...and then some things I thrifted....the candle holders I actually got for $1 each...added the candles and wahlah....The centerpiece and placemats are things I had...added an oblong white plate to the centerpiece items and tossed some silk leaves in and I think this turned out really well.

A little something I had.  The 3 candles on the metal "Fall it up" I added the ribbon.  This can be done for Christmas holidays as well.  So many things to do at a very little cost!

The dining room table ready for Fall.  The items used are there year round...but I added the Fall decor to bring the season in.  Fall leaves in the votives and pumpkins to the center piece.  I changed out my place mats and there you have a very inexpensive table setting for the Fall.

Here's another example of a quick fix.  The planter arrangement was already there and I just added the pumpkin.  The two pieces on each end are certainly a cheap find.  I went to the Dollar Tree store and purchased 2 glass candle holders and then I purchased 2 glass vases and glued the vase on top of the candle holder.  Added the fall mixture that I also got from the Dollar Tree and there you have a very inexpensive way of decorating!  I can change the vases out for the Christmas season as well.

This is something I had.  If you'll notice the runner on the table is actually for your dining table.  I bought it to match my place mats and since this table was in the same room....I think it brings everything together.  The centerpiece I had...bought it on sale years ago and I've ended up using it around the house year round.

These pics are from my front porch.  The first pic I found these pumpkins on sale at Goodwill.  I think I paid $2.99 for all 3.  I spray painted them orange.  My front door...the basket came from Goodwill...the flowers all came from the Dollar Tree.  The ribbon I had.  This cost me under $6 for everything.

My life would not be complete without a mantle to decorate and oh how I love it!  This is my official Fall mantle!  Some things I had in my original decor and then I added the Fall touch.  I replaced my candles with pumpkins...I added another Dollar Tree homemade votive...a touch of ribbon I had...the pilgrim came from Goodwill...the Fall leaves were purchased at Big Lots at the end of their Fall year sale a couple of years ago...pine cones from the yard added a nice touch.  I bought a glass jar from Goodwill and filled it with beautiful berries...I think I put a couple of strands in there.  The plate I had....Hannah and I went and did pottery one night and this was the result.  I'll take a bow now!  I love this plate!  On the back I had Hannah put her hand print on it and it's something I'll always treasure!   The pumpkin I had...I never lit it on the front porch and I never enjoyed I brought it to it you'll see a metal leaf candle holder...$.99 from Goodwill!  What mantle wouldn't be complete without a "Happy Fall Ya'll" little Paula Deen inspiration! you've got a little taste of my obsessions with thrifting.  I hope I brought some ideas your way for your Fall Decor.  Now...start decorating...Fall is just around the corner!

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