Friday, November 25, 2011

Post Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day ended up being a no stress day.  I sat around twiddling my thumbs most of the morning.  All my prep work 2 days ahead of time had certainly paid off.  It felt strange and wonderful all at the same time.  There was nothing for me to do, but wait until after lunch to begin any sort of cooking.

The family came in.....the meal was on the table by 4pm.....I had lots of kisses from my grandson, brother and his family were here....all was well in my world.   My brother took some pictures of the buffet table before anyone got close to it with their plate.  I think the picture taking seemed like a million years to my very hungry son.  He is clearly inpatient when it comes to food! 

(Not great pictures...but deal with it....mmmmkay?)

Here's a pic of part of the table.  See that cornbread dressing?!  Compliments from my mom on some great tasting dressing and all was well.  It was delicious!  Below the bread basket is a small glass dish of beets and goat cheese.  This was a new dish added this year.  I always like to try something new every year.   I'm not a beet lover...but my husband and mother love them.  The goat cheese was scrumptious with the beets.  This was another glass dish I had found earlier at Goodwill....along with the olive dish and the butter dish.  All for $.99. 

Here's a side picture of the buffet table.  In the far right corner you'll see a small, white casserole dish that sits in a metal holder.  Goodwill my dears....$4.99.  I found this on Friday.  It matched my other white dishes on the left perfectly.

This arrangement on the sofa table in the formal living room was a perfect backdrop for the buffet table.  The plaque reads "In Everything We Give Thanks".  Remember that find at the rummage sale for $.50?

I removed the over sized centerpiece....

and used my Goodwill finds to adorn the center of our table....

There was only one complaint from the kids from the breakfast room table.....the plates were not BIG enough they said!

I don't know how we missed the dessert table...but we did.  I had a separate table for all of our desserts that everyone was to full to even attempt to eat.  I will be serving desserts for several days around here!

All in all our family had a very blessed day.  Ryder kept us all very entertained with his cuteness....

We missed having Steven, Christina and Sophia this year...but we're looking forward to Christmas with them.  Did I just say Christmas?  Oh my!  Let the fun begin!  Out with the Fall Decor and on with the Christmas Decor!!

I hope yesterday found you with all of your loved ones.  I'm so fortunate to have my parents with me at the ages of 79 & 80.  God has really blessed our family.  Tonight we enjoy time with my in laws and we are really blessed to have them still with us.  They have many health problems and keep on keeping on.  Truly an inspiration to us all.

This morning we'll have breakfast with my brother in law and his family from North Carolina.  We finally get to meet our great niece for the first time!  Tyler and Ryder plan on spending the day here and then we're off to my sister in laws for dinner tonight with the in laws.  We'll enjoy this afternoon with my brother and his family and then tomorrow the ladies plan on torturing the men with a shopping trip.  I plan on soaking up this weekend with family.......

It's Black Friday!  What to do...what to do....I really don't get involved with all that....I might flip out, so I keep myself away from the stores on that day....*smiles*

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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