Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I've really been busy this morning.  This is day 2 of getting my game on for the dinner tomorrow.  My desserts are made.  Banana Pudding and Deviled Food Cake!  My mom always makes delicious pumpkin pies.  My giblet gravy is simmering.  Deviled eggs are done.  Boiled eggs are divided into baggies waiting for tomorrow.  The onions for my dressing are already chopped, along with my cheese for the mac & cheese.  This will make for an easy day of cooking tomorrow.  You'll be surprised how much time little things like that take when you are rushed!  The buffet table is set.  I have finished the kitchen table setting. The decor is FINISHED!

It's a very rainy, cloudy day today....I did my best with the pictures.  I thought I'd take you through what's been going on with some snapshots!
Dining room table ready to go.  I love these harvest pumpkin dishes.  This is the first year I've used them.

 My Goodwill olive dish!  I love using it around the holidays. Below is  the buffet table ready!  I have thought out every single dish I will be serving.   No time to do that tomorrow!!  I found this paper table cloth from Walmart.  I'll have a dessert table with the same tablecloth on it tomorrow.
 My silver turkey platter!  I actually have 3 turkey platters.  I decided to use this one this year.  It sort of breaks of the feel of the table and the turkey should be the center of attention!
 The kitchen table set and ready to go!  Remember, I used this table setting in my formal dining room prior to this weekend.  A quick swap to the kitchen.
 More pics of the buffet table. 
 Loving this candle on my kitchen table setting.  I found 2 of these metal candle holders at a sidewalk sale for $1 each!
 Dining room table.....
 More pics of the kitchen table centerpiece.  Do you remember this centerpiece Goodwill find?  I added the pumpkin and a couple of silk flowers to complete this arrangement.
 I think I have just enough room on the buffet for food only.....
 Remember this Goodwill squirrel?!  She is just perfect for this table setting.
 I'm loving my Goodwill Pottery Barn turkey dessert dishes!  I've been able to use these for a couple of years now.
 I can't wait for the food to be on this table tomorrow!
Well...there you have it.  I have very little to do tomorrow.  I'm having lots of fun using my different dishes from Goodwill.

Hopefully, I'll remember to take some pics before we eat all the food tomorrow!  With just a little pre-planning, I plan on having a relaxing morning on Thanksgiving.  I'll be serving dinner around 4ish tomorrow and I'm hoping for some empty tummies!

I want to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families....

ummm what's next?!

CHRISTMAS!  (oh the containers that have to be emptied of Christmas stuff)  *blinks*

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