Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Goodwill Continues to Deliver!

Yesterday, after being sick Sunday and Monday..... I was clearly needing to get out and do my thing.  I headed to Goodwill to unwind.  I get a great deal of pleasure of just looking, even if I don't buy anything.  I always see something I like, but I don't always buy.  That would be back to the hoarding issue, right?  I did find a couple of treasures I couldn't live without.

This little bunny caught my eye and for $2.99, I had to have it.  The color was a perfect match for my brown kitchen.

For's new home is on my bakers rack in the kitchen. 

I'm also still working on my laundry room decor.  I was so wanting to have the laundry room completed by Thanksgiving, but I seriously doubt it's going to happen.  You would think this small room would not be such a big deal, but it clearly is.  All I see is 2 book shelves....a fridge, washer, dryer, cabinet and shelves to be moved...not to mention the patching that needs to be done.  Sighs.  There just needs to be more of me.  I am slowly collecting things to use in there and when I came across this at doubt, I had to have it.

Are these not the cutest little froggies you ever did see?  They are a heavy iron metal and each foot will be used to hang my daycare bags on. 

Remember these plates?

There are 4 of them.  These are also a Goodwill find.  I thought these would look nice displayed on the wall above the little frogs.   I only have one wall available for some decor and I want to take full advantage of it. 

With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, my mind has been in a million circles.  I have just a bit more grocery shopping to do and this weekend I will pull together my schedule.  This year I will be having our dinner late afternoon, which gives me the day to relax and not feel so rushed.  I haven't yet decided what desserts I will be making.  It's driving me insane!  I did find a pumpkin mousse dessert that I may do, but with having pumpkin might be an overkill in the pumpkin corner.  A chocolate cake for sure and my menu is set in stone now.  I shared that with you in an earlier post here.

I've been slowly knocking out Christmas gifts.  I have several sites I follow and they have not let me down.  I've purchased some really good deals so far this year.  I can remember one year having everything purchased by Thanksgiving.  It's not going to happen this year for sure!  I can only hope the sites I follow continue to provide me with ultimate deals. 

Here's a few I follow:

These sites have never failed me.  You can cha-ching on the deals all day long, I promise!


  1. Love your bunny dish. You always find the best things at GW.

  2. That really was a find. The bunny is adorable. This is the first time to your blog and it is cahrming. I found you on Table Top Tuesdays. So glad I came.