Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Past

Okay all you decorating crazy people for Christmas.....I haven't had a chance to do ANYTHING!'s blog is dedicated to Christmas'll get to see all of the pics I can scrape up from the past! 

Here we go........

This is last years Christmas tree....I chunked the Angel topper and went with the sparkly new toppers....Hannah hated it...I loved it.  She wanted her Angel and that's all she seemed to be fixated on last Christmas!  This picture is dated 12/04.....boy am I behind this year...not one gift wrapped yet!

Last years dining room table.....not sure what I'll do this year!  The napkins in the coffee cups was a great find at World Market the year before.  I think I paid around $1 each for these.  The Santa mini stocking in the glasses are used to hold the silverware on Christmas Day.  The deer was an after Christmas find at Big Lots!  You know I got a great deal on that, right?!  You can barely see the overhead light fixture adorned with garland and holly leaves.

Here's the tree from last year in the kitchen....I added this tree a few years ago.   I found the Elve's on the kitchen table centerpiece at Beall's a couple of years was a huge after Christmas sale and I got them at a very discounted price....the glass votives are from the Dollar Tree...remember I glued a glass candle holder to the votive?  Filled with glass balls makes for a very colorful setting!
I'll be changing the mantle up this year with Santa's!!  I can't wait to see the end result.  This is an '07 pic!
Hannah and Christina got in the Christmas spirit and made a platter of sugar cookies.  Aren't they all just so cute!  I hope this can be a tradition and we can make more this year!
In '08...Hannah and I made this cinnamon gingerbread men ornaments!  We use these every year on a small white tree in our hallway.
Last year's mantle.......I added another Santa to the mantle and some glass balls.  Isn't the fireplace just so inviting?!  We don't have many days in South Georgia to enjoy a fire.....I have been known to have the a/c on just to have a fire in the fireplace!

I'm so excited to get things rolling this weekend.....Friday night we'll begin the decorating process of the inside of the house and by Saturday I'm hoping to be able to get my tree up.  There will be plenty of pictures to share this year!

For now....I'll leave you with this beautiful picture of our granddaughter Sophia.  I can't wait to see her Christmas!

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