Saturday, November 19, 2011

Did Someone Say Pumpkin??

I was watching the Food Network channel the other day and came across another "pumpkin" recipe.  Paula Deen is one of my favorites and she makes everything look so easy.

Do these look just scrumptious or what?

I know, right?!  Here's the link to the recipe. Pumpkin Bars

I bought the ingredients last night.  I really don't need these for my Thanksgiving menu, but I'm making 'em!  I think we should begin celebrating "pumpkin" days before Thanksgiving!  We have family coming in on Monday night and I think these might turn a head or two.  Seriously?  Who could resist these??

I finished shopping for my Thanksgiving menu last night.  I'm happy to have everything in my house and hopefully I will not have to enter a grocery store until after Thanksgiving.

We'll be going to visit my grandson, Ryder today.  He's sick with bronchitis.  I think Nana and Papa need to take him a few things to keep him busy while he's recovering.  I feel stickers coming his way.  Here's a picture of him last night at his Daddy's.  He came in at 6pm asleep and woke up several hours later ready to play!
He is laying on top of the coffee table!  I think Santa needs to bring him a table for his cars!

Have a wonderful weekend and the one's that are hosting Thanksgiving, try not to stress out and the one's that are not....I remember when!!!

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