Saturday, November 12, 2011

This and That

My mind has been in a whirlwind since about 6am this morning.  It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is almost here!  Each week I've added a few Thanksgiving items to my weekly grocery  list.  I only have one more week to do this!  I have a shelf in my laundry room where I'm putting all the items that I will be using to prepare for my Thanksgiving feast here.

Here's my is subject to change.....but probably not.

Cornbread Dressing
Giblet Gravy
Cranberry Sauce
Relish Tray
English Peas  (this is Ryder's favorite veggie at the moment)
Creamed Corn
White Acre Peas
Potato Souffle  (only my mom can do this the right way!)
Chicken and Dumplings  (I added this to the menu years kids favorite)
Macaroni & Cheese  (I tried the crockpot recipe a few years ago, but I like it in the oven better)
Deviled Eggs  (I'll not be able to make enough of these!)

Pumpkin Pie(s)  (my mom makes these from have no idea how good they are!)
Cake-undecided what kind!
and something else.....because I'm wanting to use these Goodwill dessert dishes!

Some sort of layered dessert.....I got this set of 8 for $2.99.  Deal!  I'm sure I'll be able to figure something out here!

Here's my moms table a few years ago.....I had been hosting the dinner prior to this...but she wanted to do it one more time she said....

I'm so glad I have this picture.  My mom is 79 and I'm sure this picture is her last table setting for Thanksgiving.  It's time for her to rest though, she's hosted so many holidays and I'm happy to be able to take that over for her.  She taught me everything I know about having a beautiful table and serving great food.    It took me years to perfect her recipe for cornbread dressing.  I think each year she gave me just one more ingredient that the dressing needed.....I think I now have all the ingredients to come near her recipe.  She's nice like that.  *smile*  It has been an on going joke between my son and myself every year....."oh yeah, you need a can of cream of chicken"...seriously?  You forgot to tell me that for the last 3 years?  No wonder your dressing was always creamier than mine!!

Is that not yummy looking or what?!  I'm hoping this year I can make the cornbread.  Seriously.  She insists every year that she make it and then she brings it over for me to mix Thanksgiving morning.  You can only use the Sholar's brand of corn meal (found that out one year...ahem) and hopefully she'll trust me to make the dressing this year.  I can remember one year forgetting to save the turkey stock....she almost went into cardiac arrest over that one.  I am very thankful that convenience stores shelf chicken broth. Also, instant cornbread mixes are out.  Just saying.  HUGE MISTAKE!  I've learned lots of things over the years about this cornbread dressing!  I've had some flops on my own, but never on mom has just over the past few years allowed me to actually mix the dressing.  What can I say?  She's a control freak over this dressing!!

I use the days prior to Thanksgiving as my prep days.  I map out each day Monday....Tuesday and Wednesday with all the things that need to be done.  It seems to make things go smoothly and not be so overwhelming the day of Thanksgiving.  I chop my onions....boil my eggs......make my cornbread......cut cheese chunks for the mac and cheese...set my table.....I make a list each day of several things to do.  It just seems to make things go really smooth preparing ahead.  I have baggies everywhere in the fridge with prepped food!   I'll have to thank my mom for that.  She's the organizing queen of the world.  Seriously, you have no idea!

Today is Chuck E. Hell Cheese Day. know it's so!  The only light at the end of that tunnel is that we will be near Hobby Lobby. is our anniversary!  18 years of marital bliss.  I have to say I have the most understanding, patient, kind,  husband in the world.  I made a mistake the first go around, but God certainly saw fit to bring this man into my life. We combined a family and then years later our beautiful Hannah joined our family.  I don't think we'll ever forget how we celebrated this day today.....Chuck E. Cheese.  Need I say more?!


  1. Happy anniversary. My mind is full, too. I'm off to start, continue the madness.

  2. Wow, your Thanksgiving menu is very elaborate. I grew up on cornbread dressing (I think my grandmother made the best.....teehee), but married a northwest man whose family introduced me to white bread dressing. Now I make it with French Bread & use a recipe our son gave me that was very popular in his restaurant. We always have mashed potatoes, English peas, homemade cranberry sauce, candied yams & homemade rolls (if I get my act together). For dessert, we always have pumpkin pie & usually pecan. I do exactly what you do & make a list of all that has to be done, but I've gone a few steps further. This is a link to my Little Holiday Book I think your Mom & I would get along just! I'm looking forward to seeing what dessert you serve in those cute little compotes. Happy Anniversary & have fun at Chuck E.'s!

  3. I was just thinking today that I need to compile my menu. I believe I'm going to use yours as a jumping off point! thanks for sharing :D