Saturday, November 5, 2011

Coffee Maker Dilemma

Is it just "our" family, or do you seem to go through coffee pots constantly?  We are hard core coffee drinkers here and it just seems like every coffee maker we buy lasts less than 6 months to a year.  Is that normal?  I look back over my life living at home with my parents and I can never remember always buying a stupid coffee pot.  We had worked...that was it.

Yesterday morning we woke up to the coffee pot not working.  Was I surprised? No and Yes.  It's been less than 6 months and this time I bought an el cheapo, because why spend big bucks on something that's headed to the trashcan.  I figured if I was going to buy yet another one, buy something under $ Mr. Coffee has seemed to be around for a long that's what I purchased.  It's no good.  We pulled out a back up $9.99 cheapo...Mr. Coffee brand and are using that until we can find another coffee pot.  By the way....the $9.99 doesn't make the coffee hot enough.  Sighs.

Here's a few of our coffee makers over time....

Nice, huh?  Broken.  Lasted no time.  Spilled coffee everywhere until I finally gave up.  Spent some money on this sucker!

El Cheapo.  Worked less than 6 months.  Why is that when you pour the coffee it spills all over the counter top.  Or is that just me?  This is the one that just burned up. 
This was my favorite.  No pot.  No nothing.  It lasted longer than the rest. was over.  I'm thinking we will go back to this one.  The prices have come way down on these pots.  Still....short lived.
This is the one we are currently using.  Christina (our daughter) actually bought this one for her to have decaf coffee during her pregnancy on their visits here.  $9.99  HATE IT.  It does not keep the coffee hot enough.  Coffee all over the counter this morning from pouring my first cup.
We've had this one.  Eventually it gave out and we rarely used the expresso after the initial thrill of having it.

I know this is the latest craze.  I'm just not interested.  I'm a little old fashioned and I have no time to keep up with those little containers and pop one in every time I need a cup of coffee.

So.....we're off to shop for coffee makers.  Are we just coffee hogs and we will never find a coffee maker sufficient for our needs here?  I'm really tired of buying them!  But....we HAVE TO HAVE IT HERE or we will not survive the day or the end of the day!  Just saying....

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  1. I bet that was a rough start to your morning. I'm not a coffee drinker, but my hot chocolate maker that is only 2 years old stopped working yesterday. Then the coffee pot didn't work for hubby this morning - but's because he forgot to add the water!