Friday, November 11, 2011

The Place

The Place has been one busy place this week!  I've had Hannah sick with an upper respiratory infection and costochondritis!  New word...big word....means cartilage infections around the ribs.  So, she was home for 3 days this week and is back at school today.  My son had his home robbed on Wednesday while he was at work.  They took the entire back door off the hinges.  Nice, huh?

So....I've been just a bit overwhelmed with all of that and trying to plan my Thanksgiving week.  We have lots of relatives coming in.  Also....we had promised Hannah a trip to the North Florida fair this weekend....but with temps expected to be in the 30' can do.  So....through many tears yesterday morning, I told her if she picked somewhere inside for fun we would take her.  Ummmm....guess where she picked? 

Chuck E. Cheese.

Yeah.  I know you know.  Ummmm....can we just hurry up and get it over with??

We'll do a bit of Christmas shopping afterwards.....I plan on hitting Books A Million and Hobby Lobby tomorrow.  I'm having Goodwill withdrawals.

Hopefully, I can catch up soon when my world stops spinning!


  1. Hi Mtashie! I'm your newest follower and found you at Kindra's!
    Love the plates and their different designs, can't believe they were only 2.99!
    Hope you will stop by when you get a chance, mean while your blog will be added to my blogroll!


  2. Oh, no. I'm sorry about your son being robbed. How awful. Also, sorry that Hannah has been sick as well. My granddaughter turns 4 on Monday and Chuck E. Cheese is where she wants to go. Kids are funny, aren't they?