Sunday, November 27, 2011

Can We Say Leftovers??

Thank goodness I have 2 fridge's!  The holidays would not be a "good thing" with just one refrigerator.  I don't know how I did it all those years with one fridge.  Today is the last brother and his family will leave tomorrow.  My brother in law and his family left on Saturday.  Tomorrow is work day.

Today my goal is to rid my fridge of leftovers!  I took a few pics so you could get the general idea of what I'm dealing with here!

It's gotta go...outta here today!  No one can leave until it's all gone!!  See that pumpkin pie?  There are more of these at my mom's banana pudding and a deviled foods cake here.  Can we say sweet overload today?!  IT MUST LEAVE MY HOUSE!

Yesterday, the girls of the family went shopping.  All. Day. Long.  It was fun....I was able to knock out a few Christmas presents.  Everything was going well until Mom almost slid out of the car....thanks to Hannah grabbing Me-Maw's hand.  I don't think I've ever moved so fast....I had to put the car in park....take the seat belt the car door....and grab the door that my mom was having a problem closing...hence the slide out ordeal.  Thing is...we were at Goodwill.  Would I have ever heard the end of Me-Maw sliding out into the parking lot on a VERY STEEP HILL at Goodwill?! 

Hannah and I managed to go to Goodwill again on Friday...just because.  I found some really cute things...I'll be sharing those items next week.  Next weekend is Christmas tree and decorating the inside of the house.  HUGE JOB.  Lots of containers....hub will hate me....Hannah will be all over the place....the tree will be on Sunday.  Lots to do!!

Happy Turkey leftover day! at my house anyway!

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