Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Coffeemaker Dilemma Foiled!

Once again we found ourselves looking for yet another coffeemaker.  Where else to go, but Walmart.  I had my mind set on no carafe.  We have had a Hamilton Beach dispenser coffeemaker in the past and I had liked not having to continuously wash the carafe.   The Keurig  coffeemaker was tempting...but when I started adding up those little coffee containers....I think buying the coffee by the pound was the best way to go.  However....there are other coffeemakers duplicating the Keurig out there now at a less expensive price.  I think if I wait long enough, some genius will come out with something even better....the Keurig will be a thing of the past and well within my budget!

So...I found the Hamilton Beach coffeemaker I had in mind...and wow....they have really dropped the price on that one!  Then...sitting next to it was another Mr. Coffee with a dispenser.  So...we decided to give Mr. Coffee a try.  Once we got home...plugged it up and gave it a trial run...the only downfall is that you have to be Mr. Universe to press your cup hard enough against the dispenser to actually get the coffee...AND you have to be able to listen to an ANNOYING hummmmmmmmmmmm as the coffee comes down.  So....instead of packing it up and taking it back...we have decided to keep it.  We are now working out with weights to strengthen our arms to get our coffee.  Seriously, are we the ultimate whiners or what?!

Here's a pic....

We'll see how long this one lasts.  At least I'm getting hot coffee now!

Since the coffeemaker was oh so bright and shiny and pretty and everything....and cozi.com said I was suppose to clean all my kitchen countertops yesterday.....I totally moved everything around on the countertops and I'm enjoying a bit of a change up.  When hub came home...he noticed the coffeemaker was gone and said..."I guess you've packed it up to take it back".....heh.....he failed to look on the other side of the kitchen for the new coffee station!  I like to surprise him like that!  He totally hates me.  I totally love keeping him confused!  ;)


  1. hahaha - laughing about moving the coffee pot. That would really mess with my husband's mind first thing in the morning.

  2. I am a big coffee drinker and now have the cuisanart...yes pricey but worth every penny. I have a nice hot cup of coffee in 5 seconds. I hear this one is pretty good too, in fact my friend has one and it makes a darn good cup of joe.