Monday, December 19, 2011

Thrift Store Break

I have come to the realization that thrifting is the key to my sanity.  I had not been in a couple of weeks and I needed to slow down and enjoy a little thrifting.  

Saturday morning was a much needed day to thrift.  Hannah and I headed to a couple of thrift stores here before we went to Walmart to do some grocery shopping.  Which in itself is very stressful!!  I was ready to see what these stores had to offer during the holiday season.  Do people donate during this time?  Oh yes they do!

I was able to pick up several things.  

Remember this find at our local Goodwill a week before Thanksgiving?  Pumpkin salt and pepper shakers!!

 Goodwill did not fail me.  I found these adorable Christmas salt and pepper shakers.  The 3 piece set was $1.99!

We then traveled over to a local thrift store here that always has wonderful treasures in it.  This day was no exception.  I found this for $2!  I decorated with a ribbon I had...I know! the ribbon should be red and my mind is spinning about it, but for's the find!
 This will be a permanent decoration on my fireplace.  (for now!)  I'm thinking of tackling some red ribbon in the middle of this ribbon.  I'll play around with it today.  For $2...had to have it!!  This store also had a box of ornaments...12 for $1.00 and oh yes I did.  They were all mostly handmade...the egg style with colorful pins and ribbons.  I can't wait to share them with you!

So...if you need a break from the Christmas race....check out your local thrift store!!  I found much more...but I can't share right now!  Later...taters! 


I couldn't stand it any longer...

It'll have to do for now!  ;)

I changed it....hated this.....left it without anything on it....yes, I am delirious!!

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  1. That salt and pepper set is so cute. I haven't been thrifting since Thanksgiving. sad face here.

  2. Great find with the salt and pepper shaker! Merry Christmas!

  3. I need a bi-weekly thrift shop fix so I know how you feel! Great finds!
    Have a fab new year!