Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Tree 2011

 At last the decorations are complete.  I was thinking about traditions the other night and begin to think about our family and what traditions we have.  It always seemed to come back to food!  Traditionally...the last several years we have had cornish hens for Christmas dinner.  Then I began to think...what other traditions do we have....and then I remembered....I have always put the children's first baby shoes on our Christmas tree.  The first picture shows Christina's  little black patten shoes.  Since I met Christina when she was 9, I can remember finding these shoes stored in the attic and they promptly went on our tree.  I'm not certain they were her "first" shoes, but they certainly were very small.  The second picture is of Hannah's first baby shoes.  Black patten mary jane's.  Oh how I remember these shoes!  Tyler's were high top white shoes.  This was the in thing way back when.  It brings back such wonderful memories of the children every year that I put these shoe's on our tree.


 A very long time ago I found these beautiful Santa's.  I took a few pictures to show you.  I have these all over my tree.  I guess this could be considered a tradition as no one is allowed to place these Santa's on the tree but me!  Each and every one of them are different in their own way.  Here's just a few of them.....

I also have these bows on my tree every year.  I was a bow making crazy lady over 10 years ago.  The ribbon is gold and has musical notes on it.  This is also a no-no for anyone to put on the tree but me!

Here's most of the gifts wrapped and ready to go.  I rarely do bows.  I know!  What could I be thinking??  Well...honestly, I have found that it is easier to transport and stack under the tree without bows.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Hannah managed to place some bows on a few packages...but for the most part...NO BOWS!  My Scrooge tradition!
Here's some shots of the tree. 

Again, sorry about the grainy pictures.  I KNOW!  The new camera is horrible.  Hopefully, I can find a really good camera at the after Christmas sales.....for now.....choke 'em down please....mmmm'kay?!

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  1. I think your tree looks beautiful! That's a great tradition of hanging your kids' baby shoes. Mine wore the white high-tops, too. Now, most of my "Grands" are barefoot for most of their baby-hood and beyond -- living in the desert, you know! I took a spin through your last post and really enjoyed seeing all of your other decorations and vignettes. You found some seriously great things while thrifting -- Angels, plates, oh my! And don't worry about your photos, they look good no matter what, & you are recording family history for generations to come! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. That's a great tradition - using their shoes. Back in the day, I had my kids' shoes bronzed. Now they're not the least bit interested in them. I also like those Santas. Great character in the faces.

  3. Love the baby shoes! I saved one shoe from my first baby (now 30), and it always goes on the tree. Hannah sounds lucky to have joined your wonderful home. Merry Christmas to you all. ~CJ

  4. Your tree is so pretty and festive! The colors are really beautiful and I adore the idea of the baby shoes!

    Thank you for linking to the Christmas Tree Party at 2805!